Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bernadine Clinic

It was a beautiful February day and I am under the impression that tomorrow will be the same. Perfect weather for getting out and spending time with our horses. I arrived at the barn at
8:00 a.m. this morning. There was a Bernadine Dier clinic at Crosby Creek and I had a ride time of 10:00 a.m. I love going to these clinics. My first time I was pretty nervous with not knowing what to expect. I haven't had a bout of nerves about it since. Bernadine is an excellent teacher and I understand her analogies. While we still have a lot of work to do, Boo and I have both come a long way since that first clinic. It helps that I'm able to lesson with Trainer Tracey too. The two trainers complement one another well. I think that's important. If you get people with completely different viewpoints on what is needed and how to get it a person can end up pretty confused.

We arrived at Crosby Creek at about 9:30 this morning. We took Miley (our corgi) along with us. She's not been feeling so well and I wanted to keep an eye on her. We had her crated and she was able to be in the bed of the pickup while we were riding. It worked out well for her and for us. The first ride was ending just as we arrived. The rider was doing some canter work and things got a bit out of control. The rider ended up taking a spill. She landed hard. After about 10 minutes she managed to get up and get back on and walk around for a bit. Once she put him away she disappeared, and I heard later that another woman had accompanied her to the hospital just to be on the safe side. I haven't heard how she is, but I'm sure hoping it was nothing more serious than some stiffness and soreness. It was a an all to graphic reminder that things can change in an instant even under controlled circumstances.

My ride went quite well. I will say that I am a bit sore in the legs since I spent most of my time in the posting trot. Both Boo and I managed to build up a sweat. I learned that I don't sit centered in the saddle. I'm heavy to the right and am contributing to Boo's crookedness because of it. Today we worked on getting me more centered. I have to tell you that centered feels like I'm falling off to the left. I can't help but be grateful that our barn owner has put up all those lovely mirrors in the arena. I think it will help tremendously to be able to see myself. Boo was nice and forward, but we need to work on the tempo because he likes to get a bit fast and I'm not to let that happen. We also spent the last part of the lesson with me working without my martingale. It has become such a crutch for me since my last when Bernadine told me she thought Boo would go better without it, I reached down and unhooked it. Bernadine was right of course. Things went well. Oh, there was some head in the rafter business at first but it was extremely short-lived. My friend Joanne took a video for me. Once I get it I will post a clip. In the meantime I've posted a few pictures.


  1. Ah, I've got major clinic jitters - I'll be riding in one in April. Hopefully it'll go well.

    Good for you for losing that martingale! Training over short cuts! (at least that's what I've heard)

    Funny about the lean thing. I think we all lean to the right because of driving. All that gas pedal time!

  2. Yea!!
    Sounds good and I too have lost the security of the martingale. I think my mare likes it much better too!
    Glad for the good, fun, learning!
    Go ride!

  3. I was hoping you made it to the clinic. I tend to slide to the right side of the saddle, too! I learned a correction technique at a Sue Sherry clinic -- we'll have to compare notes. Brave gal to get rid of the martingale. Did you use your new bit? How did that go?

  4. I did put the new bit in for all of about 5 minutes. It's a tad long. I'm gonna try to exchange it for a 5-1/2 if they even make that size. I don't know if they will do that though.

    I'm not rid of the martingale completely. Just when I'm feeling secure and Boo isn't being a big baby about stuff. My goal is to be riding without it the majority of the time by the next clinic.

    It was funny because you could see how I sit in the saddle from the imprint in the suede...fixing it is going to take some time.

    Breathe: I had clinic jitters too the first time I went to Bernadine, but I haven't had them since. She's very good at relaxing people. The first time, when I didn't know that about her, I took a shot of Pendleton right before I got on...that was relaxing too.

  5. i am so glad to hear you are getting some moho!

    Can't wait to see video!