Monday, August 31, 2009

It's been a year

I had the barn all to myself this morning. That doesn't happen often. One of the other boarders has put a bucket of apples on the bench in the small barn. I picked one out for Boo when I headed to the pasture to bring him in. He loves apples. He also has a bit of trouble biting them...guess his age is showing. Still we managed. He was in a fairly good mood today. He laid his ears back when I started to saddle him, but it didn't take long for him to face the inevitable. It never does.

Today we worked on canter departs. Boo was lazy, and I was determined that he would jump into the canter without my resorting to spurs. Consequently we did A LOT of canter departs. I finally got him to do a few that were acceptable. He is usually much better about his trot work after cantering too, so afterwards we worked on that. We finished up in the outdoor sand arena and then did our little walk out to the pasture and back. By the time I had him all cleaned up and ready to go back out other riders were beginning to arrive.

While I was cleaning up I realized that as of today, we have been at our barn for a year. I can honestly say that I am truly happy with the place and the people. They are friendly and helpful when you ask questions, but not intrusive. The facility is clean and safe and well-kept. I know my horses are happy too. So, as we head out of summer and into fall this year, I am looking forward to another year with my barn family.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sunday Stills

When I found out the Sunday Stills challenge for this week was to photograph sounds this picture immediately came to mind. Unfortunately, I did not take it. It was taken a couple of weeks ago by my good friend Joanne Collins. Still, it is the picture I wanted to share for this challenge so I asked Joanne's permission to use it. Thank you Joanne!

Thursday, August 27, 2009


Rode in the new outdoor today. Up until now I have only been going out there to finish my ride. Just to see how Boo would react to it. Today I spent the entire ride there. We practiced our transitions from walk to canter and from canter to trot. We practiced our leg yields and circles. He didn't pay much attention to whatever was going on outside our little sand arena until the very end, when the dog in the backyard next to the arena came through the arborvitae looking for some shade. That spooked him a bit, but he recovered right away and didn't get to snorty or high headed after that. I guess I just have to expect that kind of thing and always ride with a deep enough seat to survive it. That isn't always easy for me. I've let myself get so out of shape. I've gained weight and I'm not strong in my core or legs. I put myself on a diet (no sweets) and lost 1/2 lb this week. I know from experience that being to restrictive doesn't work for me. I started walking both dogs every morning which is good for all of us. I have a membership at 24-hour fitness and plan to go over there to check out the yoga and pilates classes. Hopefully they have something for beginners. This morning while out walking I saw a Tai Chi class in progress in the cricket field next to the park. Everyone was all dressed in white. Pretty cool. Made me wish I had my camera.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Even though I haven't been posting this week I have been riding. I have to tell ya that my ride on Saturday was so wonderful! It felt so good to be back in the saddle...

Now I know from past experience, when I haven't been riding I get a bit sore once I start back. I figured I'd take it easy on Saturday and do mostly walk/trot for about half an hour. I thought that would work for my body and for Boo too. Unfortunately, all that caution flew out the window once I was in the saddle. I rode for an hour and I rode hard (for me). Boo seemed none the worse for wear and neither did I until Sunday evening. That is when it started. The soreness in my inner thighs was crippling. I am NOT exaggerating. I could barely walk. Monday I stayed home and whined. Tuesday I forced myself to go ride again even though the soreness had not gone away. Tuesday's ride was another decent one. I rode about 45 minutes. I still have some soreness but it's getting better. It doesn't appear that Boo got very sore at all, and that is a good thing. I would have felt pretty guilty if I'd caused him that much pain. So, the moral of the story is no matter what is going on around you...ride cowgirl ride! Failing that, take an exercise ball and stretch the @@#$% out of your inner thighs :)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Finally riding again.

This has been my first week with no company in quite awhile. I spent a lot of it trying to get caught up with things before I realized one can never really be caught up with things. Then I headed to the barn. I had a longeing day, and a bathing day, and a photo shoot day. Today I finally had a riding day, and it was wonderful! I wondered a bit how I would do. I've been feeling a bit stiff lately. Boo came through for me with flying colors. No monkey business. We rode the indoor, and when we finished with that we went out to try the new outdoor sand arena. I had yet to ride there. We did our walk, trot, and canter there and then went for a walk out to the back pasture to cool out. Needless to say I am in a verrrry goood mooood ;)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Horses and Grandsons

I managed to spend most of today out at the barn. Enjoyed calling a test for one of the other boarders. Then I got Boo out of the pasture and had him do a longeing session with side reins. He was such a good boy that we didn't have to go for very long. Gave him a bath afterwards and clipped his bridle path. Going out again to clip his feet and ears. It's been to hot for a flysheet a good part of this summer, so Boo is a bit bleached out from his normal almost black color. He has a bite mark on his hip that I put some neosporin on and circled with Swat to keep the flies away. Sounds like he may be challenging the pasture boss a bit. Seeing if he can usurp his power. We'll see how that goes. I had planned on taking my camera out today because it is so much fun to post pictures with my blog, but of course I forgot it AGAIN. Will try again tomorrow.

I am off now to take my grandson to his cast photo shoot. He is playing the part of Oliver in Lakewood Theater's production this September/October. If you live in the Portland metro area you should get tickets and come see him. He's a very talented young man.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Much needed pony time

I have had quite the summer. Lots and lots of houseguests. The last of the company went home yesterday about noon. I managed to make it out to the barn later in the afternoon. I really needed to see Boo. He stood watching me come down the road towards his pasture. When I called out to him his head went even higher and his ears came forward. It was obvious he recognized the voice. He made his way towards me and we had a lovely reunion with lots of scratching and petting. Didn't have much in the way of time, so I brought him in for a grooming session and a once over to see that he was in as good a shape as I left him. All was well. Worked out a few tangles in the mane and tail. Gave him a once over with the brush. Put on some flyspray, picked some feet and sent him back out to the pasture with some carrot treats. I could feel the tension in my body and mind releasing just from that little bit of pony time. Today was a stay at home day, but tomorrow is longeing, bath, and clipping day. We are getting ready for a full-on photo shoot by my friend Joanne. She is taking a people and equine photography class and we are her assignment. She's gotten very good. I am looking forward to getting some wonderful shots of Boo and myself.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Stills

Clouds and Sunset
Dark clouds


gathering storm

into the blue