Thursday, August 27, 2009


Rode in the new outdoor today. Up until now I have only been going out there to finish my ride. Just to see how Boo would react to it. Today I spent the entire ride there. We practiced our transitions from walk to canter and from canter to trot. We practiced our leg yields and circles. He didn't pay much attention to whatever was going on outside our little sand arena until the very end, when the dog in the backyard next to the arena came through the arborvitae looking for some shade. That spooked him a bit, but he recovered right away and didn't get to snorty or high headed after that. I guess I just have to expect that kind of thing and always ride with a deep enough seat to survive it. That isn't always easy for me. I've let myself get so out of shape. I've gained weight and I'm not strong in my core or legs. I put myself on a diet (no sweets) and lost 1/2 lb this week. I know from experience that being to restrictive doesn't work for me. I started walking both dogs every morning which is good for all of us. I have a membership at 24-hour fitness and plan to go over there to check out the yoga and pilates classes. Hopefully they have something for beginners. This morning while out walking I saw a Tai Chi class in progress in the cricket field next to the park. Everyone was all dressed in white. Pretty cool. Made me wish I had my camera.

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