Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Boo again!

Another shot of Boo.  I took this as a class assignment for a Basic Equine photograpy course.  Do you think I should have cropped out the barn door?  Because the background was so dark I thought leaving it in gave it a bit of context...not sure if it's to distracting...

I've finished my course and am waiting for the final critiques.  I'm not going to take another class for awhile.  I am just going to practice the things I've learned for the rest of the summer.  I'm also working through a workbook for photoshop.   I bought myself photoshop CS5 and there is a lot for me to learn there.  The workbook will help me get familiar with the basic stuff.  I need to have that down before September because I am going to go to Photoshop World in Las Vegas.  Hoping that sitting through the seminars there will really help me elevate my images to another level.

I have been riding both horses this week.  I noticed that my stirrup leathers were worn, so I replaced them yesterday.  Now I am squeaking  with every stride. I had visions of the leather breaking through at the most inopportune time!  Tomorrow is Bay's day to be ridden.  I have to admit that I get butterflies thinking about it.  Guess that's the sign that I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  I can only hope I'll end up being a better rider for it.