Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I'm home AGAIN

I'm home! I'm home! I'm home! I'm home!

I have been home since Sunday evening. Spent Monday doing laundry and sleeping. Spent Tuesday afternoon at the barn. I went to my line dance class this morning, and I spent the afternoon and evening with hubby and my oldest grandson. The grandson went swimming while I tried to get a little color on my legs. The three of us had dinner out (artichoke and spinach thin crust pizza) and then went to see Eclipse. While we were having dinner on the outdoor patio a young woman stopped at the table next to us to visit with someone she knew. She had just come from the movie and told the woman it was awful just as she had expected. Hmmm....I'm I take my movie critiques from a teenager wearing jeans and a lime green tutu or do I go ahead and see the movie for myself? Oh, and why would someone spend the money to see a movie they EXPECTED would be awful? Oh well, we liked the movie. Thought it was much better than the 2nd one (New Moon). I guess when it comes to Twilight your in one camp or the other. I enjoyed the books. I'm enjoying the movies. Not everything has to be highbrow.

As I pulled in at the barn yesterday afternoon I noticed trainer Tracey giving a lesson in the outdoor arena. She was sitting on a horse herself at the time. In the arena was a beautiful Bay horse who looked nice and floaty and buff and collected. I thought to myself. I wonder who that is? Imagine my surprise when the horse started down the short side towards me and I recognized our Baythoven. Sometimes he just takes my breath away. Sarah is doing and awesome job with him (although yesterday he was being a bit of a brat). Tracey has done wonders with the both of them. They are so much more polished. They look like they belong in a dressage arena.

I had a short ride on Boo. Probably about 40 minutes. We were a little rough around the edges. It's been awhile since I've ridden regularly. I guess we've lost our groove. I don't think it will take long to get it back once I can ride consistently. I'm going out again tomorrow morning and hope to get in a ride and a bath. He got his shoes on yesterday, so a nice trail ride will be in order one of these weekends. Not this weekend though. This weekend is all about the 4th of July and cowboy Christmas. We'll be at Molalla on Friday night and St. Paul on Saturday and Sunday. Last Saturday night we went to the Crooked River Roundup in Prineville Oregon. I'd never been to that one before.

Monday I will head back over to Central Oregon and let hubby and the my oldest daughter and grandsons hold down the fort around here. I don't know how long I'll stay. Maybe just a couple of days...maybe longer. My mom is doing much better but my step dad is facing some serious health issues. He's hospitalized right now and facing a surgery in a few weeks that will change life as he knows it. I tell ya people when it rains it pours! Be grateful for your good health and live your life to the fullest. It can all change in an instant.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Good morning blogger world! Things are looking up! For starters mom is showering all by herself as I type! She's getting around pretty well. It's just a matter of doing her physical therapy and time before she is able to be completely independent. Home health came out yesterday. They have an RN, an OC, and a PT. Yesterday it was the RN. Don't think mom will
need to see her much, but I am looking forward to the OC today and hope the PT gets here soon. She's been home a week and hadn't seen anyone until yesterday. It will be interesting to see if OC can help her organize things in the home to make herself better able to function safely. I think I've done a pretty good job, but I know there will be things I've missed and little tips I know nothing about. I expect in another week or so I will be able to make shorter less frequent visits. Maybe come every other week and spend 2-3 days doing the things she can't do. I can do that through the summer. I'm being very careful not to get to attached to those plans cuz I know God laughs at people who make plans ;)

I got to go home late Monday afternoon. My grandson had his PAMTA awards ceremony to attend. This was his 2nd year to be nominated and his 2nd year to lose out...Pinocchio won it all! I wish I'd seen it because it must have been a fantastic show! I've got to get out to more from now on. It was a lovely evening. I even put on a skirt. I only own one skirt and one dress so you can see from that bit of trivia how often I go somewhere where pants are not the norm. Grandsons next play is a rock musical! That should be interesting!!!!

On Tuesday I headed for the barn and halfway there I realized I'd forgotten my riding boots. It was warm out and I was wearing sandles...oh well, that's what muck boots are for isn't it? Luckily mine were still in the tack room, so I put them on, tacked up, and rode in the outdoor arena for a bit. I have to say I think Boo missed me as it was feeding time, and rather than eat his hay he hung his head over the stall door and nickered at me. We tried the new flysheets on both horses and they fit, so they've been going out in style all week long. If all goes well I plan to be home again the first part of this week. The farrier is coming on Tuesday and I want Boo shoed for trail rides. He needs a bath too so I hope the weather holds. My next stay at home will be almost a week long. Ah! Heaven!!! :)

Finally, haying is going great guns here and for the very first time I am having an allergy reaction. I'm not sure what is actually causing it. Never had hay affect me like this before. Popping over-the-counter allergy meds and hoping it passes. Last night I went to a weight watchers weigh in, and low and behold I have reached my goal weight! Gained a bit last week, but lost it and more this week. Wouldn't ya know I'd reach my goal here where I don't know anyone rather than back at my own meeting where everyone has watched the progress. That's okay, they'll celebrate with me on Tuesday night. They gave me a little gold star charm for reaching the goal. I think I might make a little bracelet out of it to wear to meetings and when I go anyplace where I'm going to be sorely tempted to over eat. It would make a nice reminder.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Saturday, June 19, 2010

I'm still here

There is not much that is horse related going on in my life right now, but I have it to look forward to for next week. I get to go home for a few days on Monday. My youngest grandson, Shea, has been nominated for a musical theater award for his work in "Oliver" last fall. I'm going to take mom to her doctor appointment Monday morning and then head back over the mountain so I can attend the awards. Hubby and Poko have been holding down the fort for Miley and I while we have been away.

On Tuesday I intend to be at the barn for quite awhile for ridng and if weather permits for a marathon grooming session. A bath for Boo would be nice! I think the farrier is coming later in the month and it will be time to shoe in hopes that I can go for a few trail rides this year. Boo has done really well barefoot this year. He spends most of his winter that way. At this rate neither Boo or I will be getting into great riding shape anytime soon...but we will keep plugging away at it.

Mom came home from rehab on Thursday and seems to be doing alright. They still need help here, but I have high hopes that in another week or two I will be able to come home full time. She hasn't heard from her physical and occupational therapists yet, but if we don't hear by Monday we'll let the doc put the heat on them to get busy.

All in all, I am hanging in there. I am sleep deprived but no more so than anyone else in this house. I found a weight watchers meeting and went to it Thursday night. I gained 0.2 pounds. Arrggghhh! First weight gain since I started. Not much of a gain though so it could have been any number of things. Just makes my resolve to stick to healthy eating and tracking EVERYTHING that much stronger.

I'm hoping to get back to blogging about things far more interesting very soon...until then I'm reading all of your blogs and getting my horsey fix that way :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hard day

It's been a rough few days. The worse part? Convincing my mom to go to a rehab facility for a few days. I can't say as I blame her for wanting to go home instead. Those places are notoriously dismal. Filled with people who need so much help. Unfortunately, mom needs some help herself. She is walking with a walker and getting stronger every day, but she can't get herself in and out of bed and unfortunately her primary caregivers can't manage it either. So she will be spending the next 3 to 7 days on the inside.

Worse case scenario is she will be coming home next Thursday to a hospital bed. Best case is she will get out much sooner and be able to get in and out of bed on her own. She needs to work on her upper body strength and I need the time to find whatever tools she can use to help her help herself. Tomorrow I am going home for the first time since Monday. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed for a few days and to see my husband and Poko and my pony. I have Miley with me and that has been comforting.

I had to miss my own physical therapy appointment today, but have rescheduled it for tomorrow so all should work out fine. I will say it's been stressful and very very difficult to maintain on Weight Watchers through it all. I had to miss my weigh-in for the first time since I started too. I'm going to look for a meeting over here since I suspect I will need to be here for a couple of weeks.

Mom cried when she realized she was going to need to go to rehab. That was the hardest thing for today.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just breathe

My mom and stepdad have two lovely cacti hanging on their back deck. Early Monday morning mom decided they needed to be watered. She couldn't quite reach them, so she pulled over one
of those white plastic chairs she has and climbed up onto it. The chair tipped over. I don't know how long she had been there before my stepdad found her. My mom is 75 and she broke her hip. The doctors did a partial hip replacement surgery on her Monday afternoon. When I left her in the hospital Monday night she still was feeling the effects of the anesthesia. It was a long day for everyone. Most especially my mom.

Now, I am sitting up at 3:52 a.m. unable to sleep. My mind is filled to overflowing with questions. What does this mean to her? Will she recover? What will her life be like? What will my life be like? I guess these next few days will tell a lot. They said they will be getting her out
of bed today to walk. Walk I can stop holding my breath.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fort Vancouver Show

We lucked out with the Fort Vancouver show weather wise. It was partly cloudy most of the day, but not cold. We left the barn by 9:00 and arrived at the show a couple of hours before Sarah's first ride. Checking in and settling in went smoothly. I even had time to watch a few riders before Bay went to the warm up arena. The first test was a training level test. They had a good ride and came in second place. The judge wrote on the comment card that she would like to see the poll up a bit and a little more in the first level test that is exactly what Sarah gave them. Unfortunately, the first judge didn't get to see that the rider had actually read her words and tried to adjust accordingly because they switched out judges at lunch time. I think she would have liked it had she seen it. Apparently the judge for the afternoon liked it because Sarah and Bay came in 1st with a 71%
This was a really nice and well run show. I would take my horses back there again. Miley got to go along although she had to be in her crate when we were busy and on leash the rest of the time. Still, I bet she thinks it beats being left at home. At the end of the day everyone went home happy and satisfied with the feedback of the judges and more details to work on.