Friday, June 25, 2010

Good morning blogger world! Things are looking up! For starters mom is showering all by herself as I type! She's getting around pretty well. It's just a matter of doing her physical therapy and time before she is able to be completely independent. Home health came out yesterday. They have an RN, an OC, and a PT. Yesterday it was the RN. Don't think mom will
need to see her much, but I am looking forward to the OC today and hope the PT gets here soon. She's been home a week and hadn't seen anyone until yesterday. It will be interesting to see if OC can help her organize things in the home to make herself better able to function safely. I think I've done a pretty good job, but I know there will be things I've missed and little tips I know nothing about. I expect in another week or so I will be able to make shorter less frequent visits. Maybe come every other week and spend 2-3 days doing the things she can't do. I can do that through the summer. I'm being very careful not to get to attached to those plans cuz I know God laughs at people who make plans ;)

I got to go home late Monday afternoon. My grandson had his PAMTA awards ceremony to attend. This was his 2nd year to be nominated and his 2nd year to lose out...Pinocchio won it all! I wish I'd seen it because it must have been a fantastic show! I've got to get out to more from now on. It was a lovely evening. I even put on a skirt. I only own one skirt and one dress so you can see from that bit of trivia how often I go somewhere where pants are not the norm. Grandsons next play is a rock musical! That should be interesting!!!!

On Tuesday I headed for the barn and halfway there I realized I'd forgotten my riding boots. It was warm out and I was wearing sandles...oh well, that's what muck boots are for isn't it? Luckily mine were still in the tack room, so I put them on, tacked up, and rode in the outdoor arena for a bit. I have to say I think Boo missed me as it was feeding time, and rather than eat his hay he hung his head over the stall door and nickered at me. We tried the new flysheets on both horses and they fit, so they've been going out in style all week long. If all goes well I plan to be home again the first part of this week. The farrier is coming on Tuesday and I want Boo shoed for trail rides. He needs a bath too so I hope the weather holds. My next stay at home will be almost a week long. Ah! Heaven!!! :)

Finally, haying is going great guns here and for the very first time I am having an allergy reaction. I'm not sure what is actually causing it. Never had hay affect me like this before. Popping over-the-counter allergy meds and hoping it passes. Last night I went to a weight watchers weigh in, and low and behold I have reached my goal weight! Gained a bit last week, but lost it and more this week. Wouldn't ya know I'd reach my goal here where I don't know anyone rather than back at my own meeting where everyone has watched the progress. That's okay, they'll celebrate with me on Tuesday night. They gave me a little gold star charm for reaching the goal. I think I might make a little bracelet out of it to wear to meetings and when I go anyplace where I'm going to be sorely tempted to over eat. It would make a nice reminder.


  1. Glad to hear that your mother is improving.

    My mare used to let me know when I'd been absent too long. If I didn't see her for a couple of days, I was greeted by her rear end. If I was absent for a week or so, I got the full fledged nicker and front end welcome. Too funny.

    Last time I saw you -- you looked quite trim. So congratulations. Not an easy job at a stage in our lives when our metabolisms slow to a crawl.

  2. Wonderful news that you mother is on the way to complete recovery and that your life is getting back to normal. Congratulations on reaching your weight loss goal! No small undertaking. Good for you for sticking with it through stressful times.

  3. Ya...hate to make too many plans scares me something bad will happen! Glad your mom is doing better and your time will free up! by the granddaughter had a part ( 2 for that matter) in Pinnochio (sp) and was so happy that they won. We flew home from the desert JUST to see her in her 1st NWCT production!