Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Even though I haven't been posting this week I have been riding. I have to tell ya that my ride on Saturday was so wonderful! It felt so good to be back in the saddle...

Now I know from past experience, when I haven't been riding I get a bit sore once I start back. I figured I'd take it easy on Saturday and do mostly walk/trot for about half an hour. I thought that would work for my body and for Boo too. Unfortunately, all that caution flew out the window once I was in the saddle. I rode for an hour and I rode hard (for me). Boo seemed none the worse for wear and neither did I until Sunday evening. That is when it started. The soreness in my inner thighs was crippling. I am NOT exaggerating. I could barely walk. Monday I stayed home and whined. Tuesday I forced myself to go ride again even though the soreness had not gone away. Tuesday's ride was another decent one. I rode about 45 minutes. I still have some soreness but it's getting better. It doesn't appear that Boo got very sore at all, and that is a good thing. I would have felt pretty guilty if I'd caused him that much pain. So, the moral of the story is no matter what is going on around you...ride cowgirl ride! Failing that, take an exercise ball and stretch the @@#$% out of your inner thighs :)


  1. I now can go up to 3 weeks without riding before I have to build up the muscles again. But I hardly ever ride less than 3 hours anymore. I do feel it the next day after a tough ride over 5 hours. It's the up's and downs of climbing that I feel the most! Glad you went back out and stretched!

  2. Sorry you are sore.
    I should knock on wood before I say this, but I have only been saddle sore once...hope that continues.