Monday, August 17, 2009

Much needed pony time

I have had quite the summer. Lots and lots of houseguests. The last of the company went home yesterday about noon. I managed to make it out to the barn later in the afternoon. I really needed to see Boo. He stood watching me come down the road towards his pasture. When I called out to him his head went even higher and his ears came forward. It was obvious he recognized the voice. He made his way towards me and we had a lovely reunion with lots of scratching and petting. Didn't have much in the way of time, so I brought him in for a grooming session and a once over to see that he was in as good a shape as I left him. All was well. Worked out a few tangles in the mane and tail. Gave him a once over with the brush. Put on some flyspray, picked some feet and sent him back out to the pasture with some carrot treats. I could feel the tension in my body and mind releasing just from that little bit of pony time. Today was a stay at home day, but tomorrow is longeing, bath, and clipping day. We are getting ready for a full-on photo shoot by my friend Joanne. She is taking a people and equine photography class and we are her assignment. She's gotten very good. I am looking forward to getting some wonderful shots of Boo and myself.

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  1. Horse time is good time - hope you get lots more soon.