Monday, August 31, 2009

It's been a year

I had the barn all to myself this morning. That doesn't happen often. One of the other boarders has put a bucket of apples on the bench in the small barn. I picked one out for Boo when I headed to the pasture to bring him in. He loves apples. He also has a bit of trouble biting them...guess his age is showing. Still we managed. He was in a fairly good mood today. He laid his ears back when I started to saddle him, but it didn't take long for him to face the inevitable. It never does.

Today we worked on canter departs. Boo was lazy, and I was determined that he would jump into the canter without my resorting to spurs. Consequently we did A LOT of canter departs. I finally got him to do a few that were acceptable. He is usually much better about his trot work after cantering too, so afterwards we worked on that. We finished up in the outdoor sand arena and then did our little walk out to the pasture and back. By the time I had him all cleaned up and ready to go back out other riders were beginning to arrive.

While I was cleaning up I realized that as of today, we have been at our barn for a year. I can honestly say that I am truly happy with the place and the people. They are friendly and helpful when you ask questions, but not intrusive. The facility is clean and safe and well-kept. I know my horses are happy too. So, as we head out of summer and into fall this year, I am looking forward to another year with my barn family.


  1. Hay!!!
    I will be leaving the PNW in about 2 months, are we gonna ride together??? I can meet you at Mc Iver's park or Willamette Misson or anywhere else near PDX that you want! Little lady is a terrific leader, or if you want we will follow you and Boo!!!! Home # 503-227-4337! Would luv to hook up!

  2. THat's great tat you love your barn.

    A lot of people don't like their barn and even more only tolerate it....but you really like yours and that is the best thing because both you and your horses can be happy there.