Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Getting old is the pits

I haven't posted in the past couple of weeks because I haven't been riding. I started back again on Sunday, and I went out and rode again today. I'm struggling a bit because I have some sciatic nerve pain going on in my left leg and it's difficult to ride through although I try. Hoping it's going to get better soon.

I've taken Bernadine's advice from the clinic and start my ride out with my martingale, but once I know Boo is having a good day I take it off. I swear it's easier to ride him without it. Who knew! We have done walk, trot, and canter without problems.

I know he's been missing me because he's coming in from the pasture voluntarily when he sees me and today when I put him back out he stood at the pasture gate and watched me until I left. He is shedding like crazy and I used the shedding blade on him. That's probably what he liked the most...that and the peppermint.

For those of you who would like to know little Miley has finally healed from her nose ordeal. She is taking the last of the prednisone (to wean her off) and her muzzle is pink and hairless just above the nose, but I'm hopeful the hair will grow back. The vet and lab eventually decided they think she must have been bitten by something...most likely a spider.

Last weekend I went out to Mount Hood and watched Jocelyn and Heather show. They both did an awesome job in a crowded field of horses. It was fun to get to meet them.

In February Sarah and Baythoven took first place in their dressage event at OHSET. The next meet is coming up this weekend and we are hopeful that they will do well once again. Hope to come back from that with some pictures. Wish us luck!


  1. Yep, getting older sucks big time. Sorry to hear about your leg! I am sending positive thoughts your way that your recovery is swift. Nice that Boo misses you. :-)

    Thanks for the Miley update - so glad to hear that her ordeal is just about over....poor baby!

  2. Thank you Wolfie! Everyone keeps telling me sciatica takes a long time to go away...:( I am planning to do everything I can to speed my recovery. In the meantime I will just power through.

  3. Wondered why we haven't seen much of you lately -- of course, I was absent also with my allergy bout. Phantom's been right at the gate lately, too, since i messed up our weekly schedule.

    Do you have a chiropractor you can trust? That's what usually helps me with my wonky left hip.

    Wondered if Sarah and Bay were heading out today with the truck & trailer at the ready. Keep us posted!

  4. Hi Mary! Linda gave me the name of her chiropractor and I plan to give him a call after this weekend if I'm not feeling better. Sarah and Bay head out tomorrow about 11:00. I'm not going out with them tomorrow but will be there all day on Friday. I'll post updates when I get home Friday night.

  5. Getting old is only in our mind.
    Age never prevented people from doing things:

  6. Char-

    It was so good to meet you at the show! Hopefully we can meet when my mind isn't so focused on something else!

    Hugs and get better from Gracie and me!