Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hanging in there!

Still not riding as much as I'd like to be. Planning to go tomorrow and spend a good portion of the day. That will be right after my appointment with the doctor since I'm not even a smidgen better than I was when I went two weeks ago! I'm still pushing through pain just to walk.

Enough of that though! I am putting my nonriding time to good use. I joined weight watchers and as of Tuesday evening I have managed to lose 7.6 pounds! Boo will be grateful for this when I get back on him tomorrow. I am of course stretching every single day. Sometimes more than once. I say "of course" because it's needed for my sciaticia. It, too, will help with the riding.

I'm spending lots of time with my grandchildren and getting some reading done. I've read the first two books by Laura Crum from "Equestrian Ink." I'm going to work my way through them in the order they were written. I really did enjoy them.

On Saturday my hubby and I went down to Albany to the Horse Expo. We only stayed a couple of hours this year, but did get to see the breed demonstrations and stallions. The Arabian demonstration this year featured sporthorses, so we saw jumping, dressage, carriage driving, and endurance horses. Arabians are very versatile and are capable of many disciplines. Rembrandt, a Friesian, was once again very impressive cantering back and forth in the arena to the strains of "Bad To The Bone." There was a beautiful Quarterhorse stallion, whose name I did not get, who was equally as impressive. We watched Steve Rother work with a couple of horses who had canter and whoa problems. He is always entertaining. I bought a pair of Ariat Crowne paddock boots. My only purchase this year. I wanted them to wear for good boots...not for riding. I have plenty of mud encrusted or dusty boots to wear to the barn...and then of course my dressage boots. I had hoped to find a Kensington fly sheet. There was a booth with Kensington products, and they did have fly sheets, but the sizes were all huge and Boo is only a 72. Guess I'll have to rely on the internet. I wish Kensington would make a white fly sheet. Boo is black and the darker colors just hold heat. I may have to break with the brand this year and try something different. Any suggestions?


  1. Geez, I am sorry to hear that you haven't experienced any improvement. Constant pain just wears you down. It's good that you are getting out though. Take care of yourself!

  2. getting old a a bi*** isnt it?

    I have tempted fate once too many and paid the price dearly!