Sunday, March 22, 2009

Whirlwind weekend

Had a great weekend. Spent Friday at the Horse Expo, Saturday morning at the Canby tack sale, Saturday afternoon at Devonwood's Spring Into Dressage, and Saturday night back out in Canby at the Clackamas County fair and rodeo court coronation. This morning we got up early and drove back to Albany for the day.

I think the highlight for me on Friday was watching the Stallion presentations and of course the highlight of that (for me) was watching Rembrandt strut his stuff. He is an absolutely gorgeous Friesian stallion. Seems to be pretty even tempered too, what with all the peering into his stall and petting and scratching from strangers that was going on.

The tack sale was fun. I ended up with some books to read to my grandchildren the favorite being King of the Wind: The Story of the Godolphin Arabian. Got a kick-ass ball cap too with a cow hide brim and some bling.

Devonwood had us showing up at the tail end of one young rider we had gone to see, but I did get there in plenty of time to watch the young lady who use to show my Boo ride her very first 3rd level dressage test. That was a proud moment. She did an awesome job.

The coronation turned out to be fun too. We know the family of one of the princesses and had a good time catching up with old friends we hadn't seen in awhile. Bought the most to-die-for homemade turtle bars in the auction. All I know is they said they were made by Aunt Shelly and I couldn't find her although I tried. I wanted the recipe. I ended up getting an original watercolor painting of a horse and rider too. That was the highlight of my evening.

Today we watched the end of the extreme cowboy race and first and second place were taken by cowgirls. Yah! Hoo! Watched a stellar FEI level dressage demonstration, and watched the Arabian showcase. They had driving, reining, halter, western pleasure, sidesaddle, and native costume all in the ring together. I had to wonder though if they want to show versatility why they didn't have someone doing dressage.

All in all this has been a great weekend. I'm glad I got to do so much. Riding my own horse suffered because I didn't have time for that, but I will more than make up for it this week!


  1. I thought Rembrandt was such a HAM! He would look over at the Photog, then turn and give a nod to the crowd.

    Did the girl on the Palomino WIN the race?
    She was a Kick AZZ cowgirl. Such a great team.

  2. Yeah, I think her first name was Tammy but I can't remember her last name. She was awesome. The 2nd place winner's name was Tawny and her horse was called Ginger. She took 2nd place last year too.

  3. Hello there...busy woman!Whew...I was at EXPO Friday bad we did not meat up.

    The Green Grocer is found on Molalla Avenue OC. Gwen is the owner and she does a fabulous job. She has quite the comunity of oragnic friends suppling her wares and share good prices with us. I get her 5 lb of roasted local Coffe beans for like 1/2 the price anywhere else.
    Some things I pay more for but, I love to support her.
    Call me anytime you want to meet at the Grocer~

  4. Holy cow, did you have a horse hangover after all of that

  5. Thanks for the info Kacy. I'm going to share this with my daughter who loves to buy organic. She probably already knows about it and never told me! I agree. Support local businesses.

    Jewel, a horse hangover? Uh!!! Yeah!!!

  6. I soooo wanted to go to the Expo, but we were at a WAHSET meet in Tumwater (sigh) next year though, no more kids in school :( I love to go for the shopping ;)