Saturday, March 7, 2009

Boo is anticipating again

Boo was not happy about working today, and I can't figure out why cause he had yesterday off! How ungrateful can one horse get? It was raining and blowing when I got out to the barn. The arena had been watered, and I am a bit nervous about that but it actually was just fine. We took quite a bit of time warming up. It worked for him but not so much for me. I stayed stiff. Kept getting my feet to far into my stirrups and one time I actually had to use my dressage whip to get my foot unstuck. How dangerous is that! Okay, I guess my stiffness is probably why Boo had the attitude that he did...

I have been doing things at the end of the ride like haunch turns, sidepasses, forehand turns, and backing up. Today I couldn't get Boo to do a forehand turn for the life of me. He just would not do it. I got off and had him do 5 or 6 of them from the ground and had hubby get on and do a couple from the saddle. Even hubby was having trouble with him. I think he just wants to rush through all that stuff because he figures it signals the end of the work session and he wants to be done. So...I had a young friend get on him and ride him at trot and canter for another 10 to 15 minutes. He thought he was done, but he had another think coming. He gave me quite the wounded look when we were all finished. It's good to mix things up. Horses are much smarter than we give them credit for. At least our Arabians are. I haven't had much experience with other breeds but I would bet they are too.


  1. Ay-rhabs are crazy smart !!

    The show was the annual open show fundraiser for the AHACO, in McMinnville and Yamhill CO fairgrounds.

    Very few ay-rhabs lots of stock, maybe 30 horses, last year it was double that, but it was not advertised well at all.

    Ive been to the TB show in Canby, it was a HUGE SHOW! My Arab Blu did amazing in the sea of AHQA AND APHA. She just strutted her stuff out there and did so great !