Thursday, March 5, 2009

Odds and ends

I had a wonderful time this afternoon riding my pony. He was being obedient but not very light. Had fun anyway. It was windy and he didn't spook at all. was time to go scrub down Bay's neck and medicate him. By the time I got to that chore I was the only one left out at the barn. Bay was not cooperating at all. He pranced and danced and swung his body this way and that. He pulled back on the cross ties and then went forward until he couldn't go forward anymore. He tried to bite me more than once. Finally I decided to call for reinforcements. It was well after 5:00 so I called my hubby and had him come out to help me. Bay is his horse after all. I can see that this whole ringworm business has been extremely hard for him. I'm sure he is uncomfortable when we are scrubbing down his neck to remove the scaling. It has to be done though and quite frankly it is looking really good. I think we about have it licked.

Is anyone else out there as jazzed as I am that the show season is about to begin? I love going to horse shows even if I am not riding. I go to watch my friends and just to learn by observing. I think I am going to volunteer at a couple of them this year. I volunteered at the AIM Back to Basics show last year in the office. This year I might try scribing or being a runner etc. The only thing I don't want to do is bit checks. Don't plan on sticking my fingers in any horses mouth let alone one I don't know. I am even looking forward to the Albany horse fair. I'd go every single day if I could.


  1. We are going to the Albany Horse fair too, and probably Rally In the Valley the weekend before.

    Hope to see you in Albany!

  2. Hey Jocelyn,
    are you showing at Rally in the Valley? I will probably go to Albany on Friday and then again on Sunday. Have to much going on Saturday. The Canby tack sale is that day, so is Spring Into Dressage at Devonwood, and that evening is the Clackams county rodeo court coronation. I'm planning to watch Steve Holt compete on Friday...maybe I'll see you there.