Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Hey there! Aren't you forgetting somebody?

Yesterday was spring shots and dental day for the ponies. We had the vet take a look at Baythoven. We had thought he was relapsing with his ringworm. Instead we find his ringworm has most likely been cleared up for quite some time. We have continued to treat it as if it were still there because of some scaling we were seeing...the scaling turned out to be a dead skin layer. Apparently we were too diligent and had blistered the skin underneath the new hair growth. Poor Bay has been suffering for nothing these past few weeks! The vet told us to leave it alone and let it heal...he's not contagious anymore, so we can put him back out on pasture with his buddies too. The barn owner turned him out this morning and she said he literally jumped for joy! I wish I could have gotten a picture of that! I did manage to take one of Boo yesterday hanging his head over his stall door wondering why he didn't get to go outside with everybody else. The boys got today off just in case there was any residual soreness. Tomorrow it's back to work as usual!


  1. Oh...wondering, how does one get ringworm? I have a frined moving to a barn that the horse had it in the stall she is moving to.
    Glad he is healing!

  2. Ringworm is just in the environment. It is usually young, debilitated, or immune compromised horses who end up with it. Before your friend moves her horse into the stall she can ask that it be disinfected. A 5-10% bleach solution can be used but may not be the best choice for wood stalls because it is inactivated by organic materials. Other options are 5% lime sulfur or a 5% povidine/iodine solution. Got this information from an Equine Veterinary Medicine book written by Barb Crabbe, DVM.

  3. Thanks so much...Horse Journal wrote it up also!

  4. Hello...sorry I have not been by to say hello! but I have a new grandbaby that came 3 1/2 weeks early and turned my world upside down! Isn't that just like a new filly to kick up her heels with no worry of the outcome!
    By the way...Barb Crabbe is my PNW VET! She is amazing!