Sunday, March 29, 2009

Busy weekend

Spent the better part of Saturday afternoon helping to spring clean the barn. Most of the boarders showed up to help and we made short work of clearing cobwebs from the rafters and scrubbing down everything in sight. Small price to pay in my book for having such a wonderful facility to house my horses. The barn owner fed us all for our trouble and was very appreciative.

After coming home to clean up, we headed out to comparison shop on dishwashers. Mine has died. Got 14 years out of it which I think is not to shabby. Decided on a Bosch 500she45. Waited until today to actually purchase it because a promotion started today which gets you back the money you pay to have it installed. So with 10% off and the rebate I am a happy camper. My new stainless steel dishwasher should be here in about a week. Wanna take any bets on whether or not that happens? The best thing about it is how quiet it is. The old one has been squawking and squealing for about a month. It was loud anyway, but the squawking and squealing about drove me nuts. I got to where I would wait for hubby to be home to run the dishwasher just so it could annoy him too. Figured I'd get a new one faster that way!

Went out to ride today and had a pretty good ride. He seems to be stiffer on his right side...I wonder if he really is though because I know I am stiffer on my right side and Boo may just be reacting to that. He also had a tendency to want to rush on his forehand and rush right through my aids. We worked until I finally started getting a nice round canter and then called it a day. Looks like we will have to warm up with get in front of the leg, but then work on listen to the seat too! It has been quite a while since I have had a lesson. I think it may be getting time to pony up for one. Luckily for me we have a trainer at our barn who knows her stuff, so it will be easy to get the help I need. I'd also like to start going to a clinic here and there.

Bay seems to be having a relapse with his ringworm. We have the vet coming out on Monday and will have him take a look. I am worried that this is an immune system problem here. I certainly hope not, but with Bay it seems like it's something every spring. Then, to top it off I took my coming 10-year-old collie in for her annual physical and teeth cleaning and her blood work came back with an elevated white count. I had hubby pick her up and he didn't catch that there was a problem so he didn't ask any questions. I found it in the paperwork when I got home. I'm going to call tomorrow because he said they said something to him about further tests but he didn't remember what for. She is the best dog I've ever had, so I hope there is nothing seriously wrong with her. Keep your fingers crossed for Poko.

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