Monday, March 9, 2009

Horse filled weekend!

Unbelievable! Is it me or has it snowed more this winter than in all the winters I can remember? I don't mean accumulation so much (although we have had that too) but just so many times?

This is just the beginning this morning but right now it is snowing heavily. I am at 700 feet. The neighborhood kids are standing at the bus stop wearing shorts...but then again it seems as if they are always wearing shorts nowadays no matter what the weather.

Went to a schooling horse show yesterday. Just to watch a friend and hubby ride. It took forever to get through in-hand and showmanship. By the time we were finished with the English classes and had an half hour lunch break, the western classes didn't start until 4:00. Hubby ended up riding in 2 classes instead of 4. Getting to late and to cold. He did alright though. Came home with a 4th and a 5th. One class was really large and the other (the one where he got 4th) only had 5 riders. He hasn't been riding much, so this was a work the kinks out deal. A lot of people showed up at this show. Lots of quarterhorses and paints. I don't think they expected such a big turnout what with the economy the way it is.

This weekend is the Dressage for the Ages show at the Salem fairgrounds if anyone is interested. I am probably going to try to go down for a while on one of the days. Try to take a few pictures. Anyone riding in it?


  1. Where are you located. I am in Umatilla, Oregon, and I heard the four letter word: SNOW this morning, but it has been sunny all morning. ALthough it is suppose to be nasty tonight! UGH! I bet we wake up to snow in the AM! and YES YES YES YES! We have had more snow falls than I can ever remember this winter.

  2. Not riding but I am going to watch a friend!!

  3. I'm in the Portland suburbs. It snowed then melted, then snowed again, then hailed. There was sleet a few minutes ago and now it's there are blue patches. It is suppose to be in the upper 50's by Thursday. I can't wait for it to warm up!

    Maybe I'll see ya down there 20 meter. Which day do you think will be the best day?

  4. We had snow, hail, rain, more snow and hail today and that was in the span of one hour this afternoon. I want spring!

  5. Hello! Thanks for joining up to "Follow/Lead/Share"!! Oregon sisters! Yea...maybe we may ride together this summer.
    Be back soon!

  6. I am heading down Saturday, usually Sunday every one is ready to go home, but knowing me I will be there both days!!my froend is riding intro and training so EARLY