Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A Sharp Dressed Man

Last night I had my first real ride on Boo since before my surgery on December 12th. Because I am so out of shape we took it nice and easy. We did lots of slow sitting trot and lots of bending. Boo was soft in the bridle and attentive. We both have some getting in shape to do, and we are not in any hurry. We will, however, be consistently working at it. When we stopped last night after about 35 minutes it was because my muscles were giving out. Boo got his tail washed and conditioned, his mane braided, and his blanket changed out because the medium weight one with the neck cover was causing him to sweat.

It's kind of frustrating trying to find all the right horse clothing for every new situation that comes up. When he lived in his stall at our previous barn he needed a light weight sheet, a medium weight stable blanket, and a fly sheet. Now that he has turn out he needs light weight, medium weight, waterproof, breathable, neck cover, etc. I swear the horse is better dressed than I am! Don't even get me started on all the grooming products, medicines, and tack I buy for him. I use to try every new thing that came along, but now I find something I like and stick with it.

Today I longed Boo for about 30 minutes working him back and forth from 10 to 15 to 20 meter circles and back down again in both directions at the trot. We did lots of transitions too. I could have ridden, but I am so sore from last night that I can barely walk. Does a person lose their fitness level faster when they get older? I swear they must! Doesn't help that I ate my way through the surgery recovery and the holidays either. This is going to take some time, but I am up for the task. After braiding and bagging his clean tail, I left him sunning himself contentedly in the pasture. It was a most beautiful day.


  1. WhoooHoooo!! All I can hear in my mind is the song, "Back In the Saddle Again"!

    Yep- I think we DO loose our fitness faster as we get older. My brain says, "Get in there and do the job! Trim those three horses!" and my Body replies with some unprintable words. Sad, since pre-Little Mens, trimming 15 a day was no big deal....

  2. Yeah, I guess I'll have to resign myself to the fact that I'm a fifty-something, short, slightly overweight, not so flexible dressage rider wannabe. I am really going to work at this fitness thing though because the horse part of my life is what keeps me sane.

  3. Getting older and less flexible is not what signed up for at 40!

    Do what you can and set goals for the rest!

    I have been there done that!

  4. Thanks Jocelyn, I rode again today and feel pretty good tonight with all the stretches I did before and after. Sometimes it gets better with more consistent time in the saddle. I remember that from before, but in the midst of the aches and pains I feared I'd aged beyond redemption ;)