Thursday, February 26, 2009

Marathon barn day

I spent about 6 hours at the barn today, and even though it was cold I loved being there. I rode Boo and then shampooed Bay's neck. I'm not so sure this ringworm thing is clearing up the way it ought to be. There wasn't any heat in his neck which I was worried about the other day. We have been hypervigilant about shampooing and putting his medicated spray on twice a day. I took pictures tonight. Anyone ever seen anything like this? It doesn't seems to affect him too much. He is still being ridden. He was ridden in a lesson tonight and did fine. He misses being turned out with the other horses. I let him hand graze for about 20 minutes just because I felt sorry for him. He use to come to the gate when you called him, but now I think he figures were gonna mess with him by debriding his neck etc., so he just looks at us and makes us come to him. Last week when I went to get him out of his stall he turned his butt to me. That is the first time I have ever seen him do that to anybody! Poor guy. Still, I couldn't let him get away with that so I hauled off and clocked him on the butt with the haltered end of the lead rope. I figure he was threatening to kick me, so I had to kick him first. He was so surprised he turned right around and let me halter him up.
We had two new horses move in today. One mare and one gelding. It's always fun when we get new horses and/or people. On the other hand, for that to happen someone else has to leave and that is sad. This time none of the people left. Horses were sold.

Finally, just let me say that for whatever reason my word verification won't load so I am unable to comment back to those who have posted comments to my blog recently. Sorry...if I had been able to comment here's what I would have said... "or you could just buy him the outfit and stand him next to a horse with his back to you ;)"