Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Need for Speed

I Spent this past weekend in Central Oregon watching my niece do her OHSET meet. It snowed the entire time we were over there. I have been DONE with snow ever since our Christmas time blast, so I wasn't happy to see it. Luckily most of the events were inside at the Redmond fairgrounds, so it was warm.

My niece does gaming so I didn't get to see the show events. Still the gaming is pretty exciting. I saw some really good riding and some mighty fine horses. I tried to take pictures but the camera I have isn't the best in the world for the high-speed or low-light conditions. I wish I had done a better job investigating before I bought the camera because it seems like most of the pictures I want to take are of riding and basketball events. Maybe I just need to take a class and learn how to compensate for those conditions better. I tried though and here is an example of what I got.

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