Tuesday, October 6, 2009

It's not a rodeo!

It's a beautiful morning. Just got back from walking Miley. She's loving it! Poko on the other hand is wondering why she is being left behind. I just can't school Miley on the niceties of walking next to your human (rather than pulling her down the sidewalk) when I am trying to manage 2 dogs. Even though Poko is perfect on leash it just gets to be to much, and I found I wasn't enjoying the morning walks...I figure I am suppose to enjoy them too! So...Poko gets left at home in the mornings, and Miley gets left at home in the evenings. That is the theory anyway. Yesterday there was no evening walk...bummer for Poko. I will have to get better about that. Being tired should not be an excuse. Although, I was so tired yesterday that I went to bed at 9:30 and didn't get up until 7:30 this morning. That is 10 hours of sleeping. I never do that!!! I also walked 11, 134 steps yesterday. I have to really work at it to walk that many steps in a day. Did I mention that I am a bit chubby and out of shape? I am on a get healthier kick. Wish me luck.

Today is the day I have my first lesson with Tracey. The lesson is at 1:00, so I plan to leave here about 11:30, drive to the barn and tack up, and ride warm up for about 30 minutes before the lesson. This is just as much for my old bones as it is for Boo's. I hope Tracey isn't expecting too much! She's probably going to have to work on position issues with me as well as helping me to overcome the fears I have from my accident, and being so out of shape. I don't ever want to fall off again. I've done it 3 times and broken bones twice. I've paid my dues. It's not a freaking rodeo! Who knew that a riding instructor would end up needing to be a therapist and a fitness trainer to boot! Haha! She'll probably charge me 3 times as much when she see what she has gotten herself into.

I'll keep you all posted on how the lesson goes! Hope you have a great day!

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  1. I was lucky when I went off the last 2 times both from equipment malfunction!!! A bit of soreness the next day or 2 but nothing too serious! Believe me I always double check my cinch and off bilet now!