Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Horse filled weekend coming up!

Another productive lesson with trainer Tracey. Seems I have this major problem with turning my legs outward, so I am pretty much always in Boo's side with the back of my heel and consequently my spurs. Good thing they are those teeny tiny english spurs...still...it would be much appreciated I am sure if I learned to have a more stable leg and used my calf to cue him and NOT my heels.

Once again we worked on my body position. I have to admit I have been lazy this past two weeks and haven't practiced what I learned last time nearly enough. Only a couple of times to be honest. So today we did more circles at the rising trot while Tracey continuously reminded me to look between my horses ears and not in toward the center of the circle. She also had to remind me to keep my stirrups on the balls of my feet, to let weight sink into my heel, to keep my leg long, to close my fingers around the reins, to keep my thumbs up (I am usually pretty good about that one), and to keep my hands lower and in front of the pommel. Oh, and to not let my reins get to long.

I hate to do rising trot. I have always hated to do rising trot. I am not very good at it...and Boo is not very good at going forward in a relaxed manner when I am doing it. So I know I need to practice more at the rising trot and gather Boo up and send him forward with a lengthened stride. We worked on that today along with spiraling in and out on a circle. When I finally got to sit the trot I think Tracey was surprised that I am much better at that then at rising trot. I spend 95% of my riding time sitting the trot...probably 4 % cantering, and 1% doing rising trot. Guess what I am best at!!! So we spiraled in and out at sitting trot and Boo was much more collected. At the end we practiced tranisitions from sitting trot to jumping into the canter and back down to trot, then walk. I ended the lesson tired, but happy. Tracey said I had a better seat than I give myself credit for. Yay! Praise from someone whose riding ability I respect. Feels wonderful. It's been a long time. So glad I am back in lessons.

This coming Saturday I will be doing a clinic with Bernadine Diers. She, too, is someone I respect. As a matter of fact, so far the two women have each validated one anothers lessons without ever knowing what the other one has said. That is nice. Knowing they both see the same issues and strengths. Makes me confident that with both it is money well spent.

Sara will be taking Bay to the "Dressage Can Be Fun" show at MHEEC in Boring this weekend. I can't go for Saturday's schooling show, but I will be there on Sunday for the league show. His name is FTF Baythoven and if any of you are there come up and introduce yourselves.


  1. Amazing! Your lessons sound exactly like MY lessons!! I'm not good at practicing between either, but we're on the same wave length, I see. My least favorite thing to do at lesson is to keep the 2 pt or half seat position at the lope--not being able to sit it. That is HARD!!! My legs were so sore afterward. I'm not really sure why we do that--maybe to strengethen the leg?? Get the right position?? Balance?? Not really sure.

    It's sunny today, so I'm going to head out right now and PRACTICE. ;)

  2. Glad you had a good lesson. I have a long list that I accumulated from trainers past that I run through when I ride. Seems like the list never gets shorter -- just when you solve one problem the trainer replaces it with something else to correct!! Having spent years riding hunters with Kiyara -- I do much better at posting trot. Takes me awhile to get into position for sitting trot -- as evidenced by Phantom's ugly trot until I fix myself.

  3. I have the exact same problem with rising trot! I do everything better sitting...especially leg yielding. I'm just glad that rising trot isn't required as you advance...then I'd be in trouble.

  4. Have a good session this weekend and keep dry!