Saturday, May 1, 2010

I did it!

Finally! I rode Boo late Wednesday afternoon. I was suppose to meet the chiropractor out at the barn at 5:00 for Bay. He's been a little stiff on his left side lately and we wanted Mark to take a look before the state OHSET meet. I got out there early because I knew I'd been neglecting Boo and there would be quite a lot of grooming to do. I think I filled up a wheelbarrow full of hair!!! I managed to tack up and get on. Needless to say Boo was a bit hot after not being exercised in so long. Still I managed to keep him to a walk. About the time we got started the barn crew started bringing in the horses for the evening and feeding. Now Boo was really amped up and he started jigging. Still, he's a good boy and settled down albeit resentfully. I got to ride for about 10 minutes before Mark showed up.

There was nothing big wrong with Bay. Just a sore back, so Mark did a few adjustments and some acupuncture. He's okayed for light riding this weekend and then if that looks good it's back to work as usual. While all of this was going on I had Boo tied up outside his stall still in his tack. The PT said I could ride for 30 minutes, and I was not going to miss a minute! Having to stand for 30 minutes or more, tacked up, and watching his barnmates eat their dinner must have taken some of the jig out of Boo because when I was finally able to get back on he was as good as gold.

We could only ride at a walk, so we did a lot of circles, squares, shoulder-in, serpentines etc. I was trying to keep it from being to boring for him. The weather wasn't cooperating so I couldn't take him out to the outdoor or down to the back pastures. I think we got in another 10 minutes before the hailstorm hit. Hail coming down hard on a metal roof is a scary thing even to me. All the horses were spooked. I decided it would be the better part of valor to get off and call it good. I took Boo back to the little barn and groomed another wheelbarrow full of hair off him, blanketed him, and let him have his dinner.

So, how did my back do with all this? I won't say I wasn't sore at all. I was a bit stiff. I think it was more from the work I did before and after than it was due to the riding. I came home, did a few PT approved stretches, and was fine. When I had my appointment this past Thursday the PT was so encouraged by my progress that she sent me home with some more stretches, some strengthening exercises, permission to continue to ride Boo at the walk, and cut my twice weekly appointment to once a week. I am going to have to manage my back. That's just the way it's going to be from now on. Even if I am feeling fine I cannot take my body for granted anymore. I have to be AWARE. I plan to ride again tomorrow. Maybe I really will get to take advantage of trail season this year!

I weighed in on Tuesday. I've lost 19.2 lbs in the past couple of months. I have 9 lbs left to lose before I hit my goal. I'm gonna buy myself a new pair of walking shoes as a reward. When I hit 20 lbs it's gonna be a new pair of dancing shoes. I'm really liking this rewarding myself for success thing ;)


  1. There can't be two Marks in Oregon who do chiro and acupuncture, can there??? Funny how small the world is sometimes.

    Glad to hear it was nothing serious. That's good.

    Also glad to hear your ride went well and you get to continue.

  2. Thanks ladies. I am stoked that I am able to even sit on the back of a horse at this juncture.

    Probably not two Mark's doing chiro and acupuncture here, your right. The horse world is a small world. I was leery of chiro for years on people...had some bad experiences. Then our trainer suggested chiro for Bay. Well, I was leery of that too. DH went ahead with it and the change in the horse could not be denied. Started using Mark for Boo also. Have been ever since.