Tuesday, November 10, 2009

The signs of fall

This was the sight at the barn on Thursday...luckily I had my camera close at hand. Very pretty. Hard to capture in a photo.

I bathed Boo last Wednesday. I was sure it would be one of the last good days for bathing for the rest of the year, and so far it looks like I was right. On Thursday I went out to hold both horses for the farrier. We had their shoes removed for the winter. Afterwards, I clipped Boo's belly, chest, and the underside of his neck. I guess you'd call it a pony clip. Trainer Tracey called it a vent clip. So far it seems to be doing the trick. I had to blanket him and put on a neck cover. I'm pretty sure it's to warm, since the weather hasn't cooled down all that much yet this year, but it's all I've got for now. I am ordering a lightweight waterproof turnout and will put a microfiber sheet underneath that until the weather gets cooler. It should take about 5 days to get here. Why is it that I am never on top of these things????

I've been riding a bit more now that things have settled back down into a routine. I went out to ride Saturday, but to windy and rainy. To much of a reason for Boo to play spooky horse with me. I have to admit there were times when the noises were even freaking me out. We opted to longe instead. He was a very good boy for that right up until the end when he got a bit snorty and blowey. I went back Sunday and rode. We practiced riding squares and getting his inside hind leg to move under him. We practiced spiraling circles too. All that was homework from the Bernadine clinic. I am bound and determined to be much better at that by the next clinic.

I gave him Monday off. Today was a lesson day with Trainer Tracey. We practiced more squares, leg yielding and softening and suppling. We worked on bringing Boo onto the bit and keeping him there even through the transitions. I have to tell ya I've got plenty to work on for the next couple of weeks. It feels good though. So good that I plan to head back out tomorrow for more work.


  1. Maybe you saw me flying south for the winter too...I left SUNDAY for the desert!

  2. Glad we were at the barn around the same time a couple of days this past week.

    The large flocks of Canada geese are pretty spectacular.