Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I need some advice

Today was such a beautiful day, and I knew it would most likely be the last one for quite some time, so I took advantage of 60+ degrees and sunshine to go bathe my horse. Hubby went along and Bay ended up getting his last bath of the year too. I had a reason for wanting to bath Boo. His winter coat is so long it is almost impossible to ride him without causing him to sweat up. I figured I needed to bathe him today and clip him tomorrow. I've had him clipped the past two years. The first time it was a full body clip. He lived in a stall at the time so it worked out alright. Then we changed barns and Boo got turnout all day long, so last year I had him pony clipped. That seemed to work too, but a good part of last winter I couldn't ride because of my surgery on my clavicle so he wasn't being worked to hard. This year I intend to ride a lot more...I'm wondering which clip he needs. Another pony clip? A low trace clip? Right now I am leaning towards a low trace clip. Anyone out there with any experience with clipping horses that are pastured during the day? I am open for suggestions.


  1. Never here in the PNW...only in the desert! Today was beautiful, Little Lady headed south today...I follow her on Sunday!

  2. I trace clipped Wa the other week and now just keep a light rain sheet on her. She is at 1,200 feet, it is colder. I thought not to do it this year there- but when I ride, she gets wet and then does NOT dry off.
    If you do it, you may wish to lightly cover them in the colder times.

  3. Thanks,
    I did a vent clip this morning. If that doesn't turn out to be enough I will do a trace. I put a turnout with a neck cover on, but I think it is to heavy for the weather right now. I have to order a light one. Think I found the one I want and will get it ordered tonight.

  4. Desert Rose,
    I replied to you earlier today, but it isn't showing up here. Wanted to tell you to have a safe trip to the desert! Think of us up here in the rainy PNW :)

  5. I've never clipped, so I couldn't help you with this one, though I've been following along the discussion. We get pretty cold up here in Spokane and, since I moved here, I haven't rode much in the winter. But this year we have an indoor arena next to us, so that will change.