Saturday, January 10, 2009

Standing on the sidelines

I got cold all the way down to my bones out at the barn today. My fingers and toes hurt. I felt like a human popsicle. I guess that’s what happens when your standing around watching someone else ride your horse.

I’m grateful that my dear husband is willing to ride for me while I am unable to. Boo is 14.3, short backed, and I’m told a rather bumpy ride; especially when he’s traveling around the arena on his forehand.

Hubby rides all western all the time. I like dressage (notice I didn’t say I’m a dressage rider). It was quite the sight, Boo in the western saddle with the dressage bridle and snaffle bit. Hubby riding around with the western loop in the reins and absolutely no contact with the bit! Boo knows how to do western. It’s the first thing he was trained in, but he hasn’t done it for 4 years…except for lead line with the grandsons. I wonder if he felt somewhat schizo with the gear for two different disciplines on at the same exact time.

I tried to make myself useful by standing on the sidelines calling out things like: turn the key in the lock, or do a shoulder in down the long side, or lift your ribcage and tighten your tummy. Hubby just pretended he couldn’t hear me. I suspect I was the most useful when I got the shovel and picked the horse apples out of the arena.

I stood by the railing and every time they would get even with me Boo would shoot me this look like…there better be sugar cubes after this for me…it’s just not dignified. I didn’t have the heart to tell him tomorrow he’d be using the “BIG BOY BIT.”


  1. soooo miserable at the barn yesterday!! Ipes was frozen after the clinic. Hopefully today will be better!!

  2. Wasn't as bad out there today! What clinic did you go to?

  3. Cathi Liston over at Two's a Team, she comes in once a month. It was pretty good

  4. I'm six months pregnant, and I'll tell ya'. . .
    I totally know where you're coming from!
    I can't wait to get on my horse again!
    She is a mustang mare I adopted from the BLM, and I was so delighted to finally start riding her this past summer. It is frustrating to have to WAIT!
    Hope you heal up soon!