Friday, January 16, 2009

Horse Tails

Boo has a gorgeous tail. It pooled on the ground when I first got him, and I kept it that way for quite some time. The young girls at the barn were horrified if they even thought I was going to cut it. I finally decided that it was dangerous to keep it that way. I didn’t want him backing up on it in shows and pulling it out. So I started banging it and quite frankly I like it better. It looks even thicker banged than it really is. Besides, that is how it’s done in dressage.

Since I’ve moved to the new barn I’ve gotten a bit lazy about braiding and bagging the tail. I worried that it would get wet through the tail bag when he was out to pasture and it would mold. So I’ve been leaving it down. I noticed recently that it is getting thinner. Not shorter, but thinner.

I’ve used Cowboy Magic on it for years, but now I find that his tail gets dirtier in general just from being out to pasture and the Cowboy Magic isn’t working as well as it has in the past. I think I need to wash his tail way more often. I think the conditioner would work better in a clean tail. So my new thing is I need to wash the tail at least once a month and keep it braided and bagged, even if that means I need to take the tail down every few days and check on the condition.


  1. Tails are a toughy. I think just keeping braided and bagged will help!

  2. Dang, Look at that tail. Gracie is envious. Good luck with keeping it clean and healthy! Gracie's tail is just braided right now but I'm going to take it down tomorrow. I've never been a big bagger...Although my BBFF now she is a Bag and Braid expert!