Wednesday, January 28, 2009

One more week to go

I am so stuffed up I can barely breathe. It has completely drained me of energy. I haven't been at the barn since Monday night, and even then I just stood around shivering while hubby took care of Bay. Boo didn't even get taken out of his stall. Hubby has had the week from hell at work and won't be able to ride him until Friday night. So I will definitely be out lunging tomorrow whether I can breathe or not! I need to spend a little time with my face buried in Boo's neck breathing in the sweet smell of vitamin H... HA! Breathing! That's a joke!

On a lighter note, I have been using the time to do some reading. I just finished a book by Priscilla Endicott called "Taking Up the Reins". It is the authors story of a year she spent in Germany with a dressage master. I enjoyed the book. It is not a technical book, but rather the story of the authors experiences and feelings. It is also not a new book. It's copyright is 1999. Since I finished that book last night, I was wondering what I should read today. When I checked the mail I discovered I had received the ODS omnibus and my "Flying Changes" magazine. The omnibus has the 2009 test booklet in it, so I spent some time this afternoon trying to memorize a few tests. That way when I have the arena all to myself I can practice riding a test now and then. I like the "Flying Changes" magazine because it keeps me up-to-date on what is happening is the horse world in the PNW and because it has all the upcoming shows listed by month for the entire year. I spent some time copying the ones I am interested in down in my calendar. Now I have horse events for every single month through September at my fingertips. Come on show season 2009!!!

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