Thursday, July 26, 2012

Beautiful Boo

It's been awhile
since I've written anything for the blog.  I hadn't been riding...I kept trying to get back on a regular schedule but it never seemed to stick.  In June we made the decision to move the horses once again.  This time we brought them closer to home.  It's an older barn and they only get half day turn out, but I am riding again and that is what I'd hoped for.  Sarah has decided to move on from Baythoven starting in August. It's time for her to try new challenges before she goes off to college in the fall.  We will miss her but we understand.  So, now we are looking for another sponsor for Bay and, in the meantime, I am riding both horses.  The hubby really only has time to help out on the weekend.  If this doesn't whip me back into riding shape I don't know what will. 

I've also been pursuing my photography journey.  I took this photo of Boo at the new barn about a month ago.  I'm having a blast with this.  I'm trying all kinds of things but horse photography is my absolute favorite.

I'm looking forward to getting back to blogging.  I've been reading and keeping up with everyone. I doubt I'll be able to write daily, but I am hoping for once a week at least.


  1. Now that is an absolutely cracking shot! Its got everything! Love it!

  2. LOvely to hear you are back into riding and it is lovely to have you back writing about your horsey adventures

  3. Nice to hear from you! Glad that you have started back riding. Looking forward to your updates.