Saturday, July 28, 2012

Riding Baythoven

I have only ridden two horses consistently in my life.  I started on a lesson horse.  Two years later I bought Boo.  I've been riding him ever since.  Bay has always been my husband's horse.  He's always been ridden by the hubby and what ever young lady was sponsoring him for 4-H, OHSET, shows, lessons, etc.  I've been on him maybe 5 times in 6 years.  Now that I'm going to be the one keeping him exercised I am going to have to learn what it's like to ride a horse with a completely different personality than Boo.

Bay is more laid back than Boo.  Some people read that as "lazy."  I guess he is a bit lazy.  He doesn't want to work, so he puts up a bit of a fuss in order to see if your up to the task of getting him to do what your asking.  Frankly, I am not quite sure I am up to the task.

I plan to start slowly.  Lots of ground work to get him to listen to me on the ground.  I guess we could call this the getting to know you phase.  Lots of walk/trot.  Since he almost unseated me when I asked for the trot on Thursday,  I figure we will just stick with getting the trot right before I move on to the canter.

Bay is a beautiful horse and his gaits are smooth.  Once we get a relationship going I think we will be fine.  He's only 15 and Boo is 23 so I'm kind of hoping that Bay will become my main riding horse when Boo is ready to retire. 


  1. Sounds like a good plan. Bay sounds like he'll be a fun horse when you figure each other out more.

  2. Your boys are looking great. Once you get used to riding a different horse, you'll be just fine :)

  3. Cantered Bay today. So, much for taking it slow ;)