Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Being there for Boo

Hmmm…wouldn’t you know that Baythoven would come up lame less than a week before OHSET’s (Oregon High School Equestrian Team) first meet.  The horse goes through down times just fine.  It’s like he has an inner clock that says show season is coming up, it’s time for some lameness issues.  I feel bad for Sarah because this is the only showing she was planning to do with Bay this year.  We’ve called in our vet and she’ll be out on Friday to check him out.  I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed that it will be easily taken care of.

I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t been out to ride Boo in quite some time.  As a matter of fact I have only been making it out there about once a week to groom.  I’ve been letting my health problems dictate to me.  I can’t keep doing that.  So, today I put on my barn clothes and made the 30 minute drive out to see the boys.  Boo was the only one happy to see me.  Bay gets his attention from Sarah and doesn’t feel the need for mine.  Boo, on the other hand, only has me.  He was more than ready for a little grooming and treat time.  Once I got him cleaned up I tacked him up and put him on the lunge line for about 15 minutes.  We just did a light workout.  He’s not in any better shape than I am.  As a matter of fact he’s gotten a bit chubby.  He is in good company because so have I.  He’s still pretty fuzzy and I didn’t want him to get too sweaty.  Once we finished with the lunging I decided to cool him out from the saddle.  I climbed on and spent about 20 minutes just walking around.  That is the first time I’ve been in the saddle since October.  It did feel good.  I was a bit nervous but it all worked out.  Halfway through the ride I realized I’d climbed up there without my helmet which is something I never do.  Thankfully, he was a good boy today. 

When I turned him back out in the pasture he watched me for a bit before he went off to join his buddies.  I have been the only constant in this horse’s life for the past 10 years.  Today I realized that I need to make more of an effort no matter what’s going on in my life.  I love him, and I think he kind of likes me too.


  1. Your weather doesn't make it easy ro bundle up to go out in the wet and cold! I was in centralia WA last week to visit my dad and did go out for a 2 hour ride on the King who has been rumored to been a bad boy for his mom! It was cold, but no rain and the sun actually came out...and King was a perfect gentleman :)))

  2. Trust me I know all about bad weather and lack of motivation to go and see the horses!

    I am sooooo sick of this weather !