Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An update

I have a friend who is a wonderful photographer. She asked me the other day if I would like her to do some photographs of Poko, and I jumped at the offer. We got together on Sunday, and this is one of the preliminary proofs she sent to me.
Poko is still hanging in there. She hasn't had another seizure. She was quite happy to have all the attention focused on her. I think that is evident in her facial expression. It didn't, however, take much to tire her out.
I went out to the barn on Sunday afternoon and rode Boo. It was a busy place because the weather was so nice. Boo wasn't to happy that I had shown up right before feeding time. He was pretty distracted by the other horses coming in and getting started on their hay and grain. We rode for about an hour in spite of his sour attitude. He worked up a bit of a sweat. I am not sure how much of that was from exercise and how much was from temper. I managed to control my own temper even though he was being a little snot. I figure it was my own fault for going out at feeding time and not riding for nearly a week.
Baythoven had hock injections done the early part of this week. We are getting him ready for the show season. We want him to be in the best condition possible. I have him on Adequan too. Hopefully all of this will be helpful to him. If not, well, he can ride the trail with the DH. He only has a few more years before we had planned to retire him completely from showing. We'll see if our plans work out or if Bay has a different plan for us.


  1. Lovely picture of Poko. Glad to hear that she's hanging in there.

  2. Stunning photo of Poko! Love it! But I have a soft spot for shelties and collies.

    Glad to read you got a ride in. How is the Adequan working? I'm using Lubrisyn on Duke and hope he doesn't need the hock injections anytime soon.

  3. Love the pic of Poco. What a great opportunity.

    My response to a bad attitude because of riding during dinner time would be more riding during dinner time until the attitude is fixed. I am a "mean" mother that way. LOL

    Hopefully it will work out with Baythoven. That's a lot of science behind him to make him comfortable. A horse couldn't ask for more.

  4. What a lovely photo of Poko, and a great remembrance.

    LOL -- after I schooled Phantom on Wednesday we took a stroll around the exterior of the arena and he was convinced that a stack of tires was going to attack him. I did a "mean mother" shoulder-in to get past it.

    Wishing Bay, Mick and Sarah the best for 2011 trail and show season.

  5. Poko looks beautiful in that picture. It's difficult when any animal gets old. Hang in there.

  6. That is such a nice photograph. bet the other are too.
    Nice of your friend!
    I am happy to hear of the times Poko is having with you all...what a treasure she is~