Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hibernating mode

I should have gotten out of bed and went with the DH this morning. I had planned to. However, when the alarm went off, I rolled over and turned it off and promptly went right back to sleep. That is what it has been like this winter. I have been having a hard time getting out of bed. I'm not staying up any later. It's just so warm and comfortable snuggled in there under the blankets.

So, I miss out on stuff. Early morning horse stuff. Today it was taking Bay to an OHSET practice at a barn I had never seen before. I wanted to see this place as the DH has said the arena is impressive. I guess I didn't want to see it badly enough to get up, get ready, and go stand out in the cold watching the girls practice for a couple of hours. I could have warmed up by getting back into the truck and reading my book, but I decided against it. Instead I convinced myself my time would be better used here at home reading my fb, by blog, my email, and writing in my journal. I decided to do some of the never-ending chores around the house too. Guess that is time well spent...I did say "never-ending" chores right? So I guess it's debatable whether or not that is time well spent.

This was one of the least exciting horse outings on the schedule (me...rationalizing). Next week is better because it is the actual OHSET competition, and I definitely will be going to that. I also plan to go up to Clark County and check out their horse fair. So, I forgive myself for being weak and lazy and sleeping in this morning. I'll just hope for better luck next week.


  1. Sounds like you needed a break. Sometimes we just have to do that, you know.

    Those never ending chores, even though never caught up, would be so much worse if not tended to. I hate those things too but dread what it looks like when I don't.

    With the weather we had this AM I didn't want to get my b*tt out of bed either BUT what I had planned couldn't be done at another time so I pushed my dragging *ss outta bed and got myself to the Tacoma Unit to meet Paint Horse Milo. It was worth the trip but I must admit when I got back home what I did was take a nap. I just got my extra shut eye later than you. LOL

  2. There is nothing wrong with a good sleepin....and I'm sure your day would have been just fine for the extra rest!

  3. Nothing wrong with sleeping in! And any chore that you did is time well spent. :-) Have fun at the competition and fair.

  4. I joined your days events...just didn't even get dressed.
    Sometimes,we just need to be the best people-at home!
    Hey, where do you get your pink conditioning stuff?

  5. Thanks everyone for the kind words! I use to get the pink stuff at Stateline tack. A while back I got some at the Albany horse affaire. It was a huge bottle of the concentrate, so I haven't had to buy any for quite some time. I would try Gallops though if your looking for it. If I happen to see it anywhere I'll post it in a comment to your blog.

  6. Sometimes you've just got to relax--spring will be here in no time and then you'll be super busy. Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. I have days like that myself...and I usually take the day off when I can! I go alot and then just nose dive!!!