Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Crazy weather

Got out to the barn a little later than expected today. I was pleasantly surprised when I got there because it was demonstrably warmer there than it was at my house when I left home. I had been prepared to shiver. I ended up riding without my jacket. Hooray!!!

Boo and I warmed up quickly. We worked on contact and connection. I insisted on forward from the beginning, and that helps. We did a lot more canter today than we normally do. He's much better on his right lead, I already knew that. Trainer Tracey was there working some of her horses, and she commented that we looked good. That always helps! At least I know I'm on the right track.

The DH wanted me to check out Bay's blanket before the predicted snow storm. Bay can't seem to keep a blanket without tears in it. It's a duct tape fiasco. I pulled another blanket out of the trailer (during a downpour of hailstones) because, in my estimation, he was in danger of getting wet and cold. I know the DH was hoping not to sacrifice another blanket to this particular winter, but this late snowfall they are predicting was just to much to expect the old blanket to weather. I also put on a heavier blanket for Boo. Just until the temps climb back into the 40's. It's not even really the 30's I'm worried about. It's the 20's and possible teens at night. Boo is 22 this year. He deserves to be warm and toasty. He's also shedding like crazy. Big mistake Boo. You should wait until late March...think he'll listen? I don't.

I'm hoping to get back out to check on the boys tomorrow before the snow flies. It would be nice to get in another ride. I'm pretty sure I won't be going out towards the end of the week. We get snow so rarely here that I don't know how to drive in it and neither do most of the other people on the road. It's best just to stay cocooned at home under those circumstances and leave the road to those who have no choice but to be out there.


  1. I know the weather is really off the wall here too! Its shot from +3c to +14c !!!! Its really unseasonal, all the cold has gone, but at this time of year we really have snow! Sounds like your doing well, any pics?

  2. Glad to hear you had a nice ride before the bad weather hit. With the forecasts seeming to change daily, who knows when the next time really will be.

    We had a little bit of snow here today and more expected tomorrow. My horses are dropping hair too but I'm thinking maybe they'll stop some when the temperatures plummet. I'll be adding an extra blanket on my old boy here too.

  3. Love those days when I don't need to wear a jacket at the barn. Yea!!

    Crazy weather indeed! Damn this la nina! Duke is shedding like mad too; can't be helped what with the days getting longer. Had to throw his blanket back on him for a week. Temps got down to 9 degrees Saturday night. Now, we're back to 30s and 40s again, but I could do without all the rain. At least the water tables are refilling after all those years of drought, so that's a good thing.

    Have fun!!!