Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Trail Ride at Willamette Mission Park

I am so tired tonight, but I just couldn't go to bed without telling all of you how wonderful Boo was on today's ride. We went to Willamette Mission Park down by Salem. I was somewhat reluctant this morning as I had heard the weatherman say they expected thunderstorms in the Salem area today. The last place I want to be in a thunderstorm is on the back of a horse wearing metal shoes. Still, I figured if I got there and it looked bad everyone would bag it and if they didn't and I was still uncomfortable they could go for their ride and Boo and I would nap in the trailer and truck respectively.

Napping turned out to be unecessary. The weather was gorgeous and I didn't hear a single clap of thunder. There were 4 of us and all of the horses did very well. Boo did me proud. He went first, second, and third in line without complaining. I didn't try bringing up the rear although I will in the future. He didn't have any major spooks and didn't do any jigging either. It was a wonderful day, and I am looking forward to riding much more this summer than last. Maybe hanging out in the pasture all winter long did help!


  1. So glad you kids had a good ride yesterday. We missed you today on our field trip (literally).

  2. Yea..sounds lovely! I have ridden there once and it was quite beautiful..though my riders left me anfd my mare right off the bat! I had to deal with being instandly behind in a new place. I have to pick my partners now!
    Glad you had a great ride!

  3. Mary- literally? Can't wait to hear about it! I will be at the barn Friday for the farrier. Hopefully I will see you then.

    Kac- I know what you mean. It's always more fun if the riders are on the same page about what trail riding means to them. I try to make sure people know I like walking far more than risking my horses legs on bad ground.

  4. Oh I hear ya, if my riding partners like to do more than walk and jog, I'm OUT :)

    I like my noggin, and I like Stars legs too!

  5. So...we are really close by if you ride there...I do too!!! Maybe we should try and hook up???
    I have Wednesdays, Fridays ( with the Back Doc) and Sundays with Dear Friend!!! Lets see what we can work out!

  6. Desert Rose...right now I am limited to going when I can get hubby or someone else to take me. Alas, I have never learned to pull the trailer. That is my big goal for this summer.

  7. Jocelyn,
    sounds like we are on the same page. I have been hurt a couple of times and I don't relish the idea of that happening again.

  8. So...where do you live ...maybe I can swing by and haul you???
    my emai: janepollin @aol.com