Sunday, June 7, 2009

A Horsey Weekend

I went and audited a Ritter clinic yesterday, visited with old friends from our previous barn, and accompanied a friend and neighbor to her first ever horse show. I was the designated show Mom. She did a fabulous job. Came home with 2 ribbons out of 3 classes. She should be proud of herself. I know I was proud of her.

Today I am exhausted. Hubby took off early this morning for the St. Paul trail ride. I was suppose to go with him, but I chickened out. Not quite ready for something quite so large and frought with scary possibilites. All turned out well for him. Bay is such a laid back guy. He was definitely a good ambassador for the breed. Mick said the best thing was that he was interested in all that was going on around him. Looking and taking it all in while being quiet and obedient. That's why we like Arabians. They are intelligent. They like their people. They are beautiful. I know a lot of people feel that way about their horses, and I am not dissing any other breed. I am just declaring my love for mine.

Tonight we are going to the Rose Garden to watch the Lippizzaner Stallions. I've been once before and loved it. Hope this time is as good. We are meeting up with friends. So it should be fun. I am pretty tired though, so it may be a struggle to stay awak. This weather makes me want to curl into a ball and eat comfort food. Ugh!


  1. has been such great weather here ( 94 degrees Wednesday!) this cool/rain was a shock! I do love days in bed snuggled with a kitten or 2!!!

  2. WilsonC - please drop by my blog to retrieve your Honest Scrap award!

  3. So, do they still have the beer wagon along the trail ride? That used to be the best time!!! But, I haven't done that ride for at least 15 years...