Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Keeping Busy

What a busy time! Finally feeling top notch again. Boo and I hit the arena yesterday and let me tell you...I lose muscle and stamina quickly. Sometimes it seems like I am in this never ending cycle of getting back into shape. Does age do that to you? Still I persist.

Today I am headed out for a trail ride. Looking forward to it and somewhat nervous. Guess that's normal. I think it will be alright. I've been to this place before and it isn't a difficult place to ride. It will only be Boo's 2nd time out on the trail this year. He barely went at all last year. I am hoping that the year in the pasture with other horses, strange sights, sounds, and smells, will have made him a little less spooky. Guess we'll see.

New puppy has been keeping me quite busy. Now that she's settling in, she is into everything! You need to watch her 24/7. She sure has a lot of energy as old dog is finding out. I have to be aware of that and make sure Poko gets some time to herself. She's not use to this constant canine companionship. They do enjoy one another though and they tire one another out too which is helpful.

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