Sunday, April 19, 2009

Playday at the barn

Had a playday at our barn today. Good food, nice people, and some riding. I was a bit worried that Boo would be spooky, but he surprised me. It was almost as if he knew this was a show of sorts and different then just schooling in the arena. He probably recognized the atmosphere. It's not like it's new to him. The weather was absolutely marvelous. Couldn't ask for better. We did a dressage test ( a baby beginner one) and a walk/trot class and an in-hand trail class. The dressage trainer at our barn served as our judge for the dressage tests, and she was very generous with her remarks and scoring. Boo is afraid of all things trail so we opted to do the in-hand rather than the under saddle. I am going to keep working in-hand for awhile and then shift to under saddle. Make it a goal for summer. More work on the trail course and more trail riding. In the meantime I signed up to go to a dressage clinic next weekend. It will be the first time I've done that. I'm working towards quieting my show nerves so I can maybe do a few schooling shows this summer. All in all it was a perfect day, and now I am going to go lay down my head and veg out. Hope you all had a nice Sunday.


  1. Oh, that does sound perfectly wonderful , your day!
    I am proud of you for signing up for the clinic! Who is it with, may I ask?
    I loved my first clinic with my mare..the gal really liked her too. I like it when people like my mare!
    Excited about your trail riding future~

  2. The clinic is with Bernadine Diers. It's really low-key. I went and watched one a few months ago, and she is very knowledgeable but non-threatening to the older less confident rider like I am. I'm proud of me too! This is a big step for me.

  3. Hay!!! I have been meaning to stop bye and say howdy!!! I think we may live nearby each other in the PNW????

  4. Yep, I live in the Portland suburbs and you?