Tuesday, April 7, 2009

30 years and counting...

Took advantage of another nice day to go riding. I'm liking riding in the morning because I get the arena pretty much to myself and can practice my dressage patterns. Today didn't go quite as smoothly as yesterday. Started out nice, but ended up with Boo locking in the jaw and being difficult. The barns trainer came in while I was dealing with it and gave me some pointers on what to do (which I thought was awfully nice of her). Tomorrow is a longeing day, so I won't be riding again until Thursday. I think this is going to take a lot of patience to get past.

Today was my 30th wedding anniversary. Hubby took me out for a nice dinner this evening and gave me a gift certificate redeemable for a Tucker endurance equitation saddle. I've been wanting one of those for when we go out on the trails. Up until now I've ridden in my dressage saddle which is doable...but I think hubby must have plans to go a lot more often this summer. I'll be doing some measuring and some research into how to get the best fit.


  1. OHHHH!!!! A Tucker saddle...he is an awesome man...and 30 years to boot!
    You are so blessed to have your relationship!
    We will be 20 yrt for us, this year...but I do not think I will get a saddle, drat it all!

  2. Thanks ladies. I know that I am a lucky woman!

  3. Hay you!
    I can't believe it snowed again yesterday where my horse is! After that great ride Saturday in the warmer air!

    I think McIver is a fabualous place to take you horse...Aside from small bits of mudd..it is pretty well graveled and maintained this time of year. Some spots are closed(bridge and upper trails above the Barn in the woods) but we had a nice 2 hour loop-which may be cut shorter with cut over trais. You pas many little creeks and some little water falls aside the trail but need not cross any.
    I would love to meet you or pick you up...my mare and I started our trailriding habit there nearly 4 years ago. She is a good non spooky leader.
    Let me know~
    503-927-7854 Kacy