Thursday, April 30, 2009

No grazing for Boo today

It's been a long day. It was a good day, but it has been a long one. I spent the morning at the barn with Boo. Loving the sunshine. We did our practice from the clinic this past weekend and then we rode outside for awhile. I ran short on time and couldn't let him graze. He looked at me over the fence line like I was the worst Mom in the world. He stood there until I got into my car and then he finally turned away. Guess he figured out the cookies were all he was gonna get today. No green spring grass for Boo! I'll have to make sure I let him spend time grazing tomorrow.

I bought some corn oil for Bay day before yesterday. He's looking a little ribby and increasing his hay ration doesn't seem to be quite enough. I increased his soy and started him on some corn oil and we'll see what happens from there. I think he lost some weight after he had his teeth worked on. I think he was pretty sore for awhile. He had some major work done. He works pretty hard too. He's such a good boy. I wanna put the some meat back on him. Sure happens fast.

Both boys got shoes on Monday, so we are ready to go ride some trails. Wish the rain would stop. Heard on the news that we are short on rainfall for this year. Yeah, because it snowed instead of rained. The snowpack should be great.

I gotta get out from in front of this computer. I've been here far to long today. Later everybody.


  1. I think that is the look my horse would give me if I didn't let him graze, too! It is such a part of our time together, I feel guilty if I don't let him do it. Hopefully the corn oil will work. I know my sister used it with one of her mares and had good success.

  2. If the corn oil doesn't work I am going to consult the vet. I don't always let him graze. I don't always have that kind of time, but if it's a nice warm sunny day I usually try to make the time. I need to get Bay out and let HIM graze more, but he trys to run from me when I try to take him back. Boo is more cooperative.

  3. Don't they make you feel like they're being abused when we don't let them free graze?

    Saw you doing a "walkabout" today after your arena work. We did the same. Can't wait for more consistent weather.