Thursday, December 2, 2010

"Thank you."

It was raining at the barn when I got out there. I am a really lucky woman to have a dry place to ride all winter long. Boo was in a cooperative mood. It took almost no time at all to get him forward, and the suppling went well too. He had more good moments this time than he did on Sunday, and he had more good moments on Sunday than he did the time before progress. I'll take it.

I tried to stay conscious of my position and my aids. I found myself tensing up at times and when that happened my legs would creep up and my toes would point downward. When I noticed this I would consciously relax. I also found myself turning my right hand down into what trainers have called piano hands, and I had them lower than they should have been. When I noticed this I consciously raised them into my work space and turned my thumbs up.

We did more canter work than I usually do. I actually had one brief wonderful moment when I was able to get a more collected canter using nothing but my seat. I just hope I can repeat that. I think I am finally getting the concept of riding the horse from back to front. No, scratch that! I understand the concept of riding the horse from back to front. What I am finally getting is fleeting moments of understanding how that feels. It's going to take a lot of practice and a lot of hard work. It's going to take getting myself much stronger in my own body. Don't let anyone ever tell you that riding doesn't take fitness. It so does! It's all good though because I love riding enough to do the work.

After the ride I got off, leaned my head against his furry neck, breathed in his horsey smell, and whispered "thank you."


  1. Excellent ride. Looking forward to when I can understand and feel back to front. :-)

  2. Very nice - I need to remember to thank my horses more often.

  3. Sounds like a really good day! Them`s the ones that we all remember, and the ones that done always happen to often!

  4. Isn't it amazing what our horses do for us, when they don't really have to accept a rider?

    I love those homework rides following a good lesson or clinic.

  5. I can soooo identify with the back to front and legs creeping up! It's so nice to know I'm not the only one constantly noticing and correcting. I guess the important thing is that we notice and correct. ...and I envy you a dry place to ride when it rains.

  6. I love the doorway shot!

    I'm so with you on the fitness it takes to ride. I sure wish I'd kept mine. Trying to rebuild muscle tone is the pits but I sure can see how it affects my riding.

    Sounds like you're doing great work. Good for you.