Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saddle Success

Much better ride on Boo today!!! That is the beauty of riding. One day it's frustrating and feels difficult and the next it's completely different. This was my first ride since I had the shims put in my saddle. I worried it was going to feel wrong, but it never did...and the best part? No backache. Now things weren't perfect. We had to work at round but we did have some nice moments and I felt much more patient. That's always a good thing. I think some of my problem is my inconsistency with working Boo. I let the summer and how busy we were interfere and I still haven't gotten back to my old routine. I need to commit! I have a clinic with Trainer Tracey in a couple of weeks and another clinic with Bernadine at the end of February. I'm committing myself to working hard between now and those clinics. I want them to see progress! I'm going to sit down tomorrow and outline a plan for my rides this coming week. I want to get in at least 4 rides a week with the hope that I'll get in 5. I'm going to work on specific things each ride and use all those lovely books I have on my bookshelf to help me decide what exercises will help me accomplish my goals for each day. My ultimate goal is to increase the communication and harmony between myself and Boo to the extent that I can start riding in some dressage schooling shows. I am scared to death of showing, so that will be a bit of a challenge for me which I think is a good thing.


  1. Wow. First, I think it's wonderful that you are committing to 4 or 5 rides a week. I also find this post interesting from a personal perspective because everything you outline, exercises, harmony, communication, etc. is what I want to focus on over the next few months. Showing? Good for you!!! Pushing boundaries helps us grown. I look forward to your updates!

  2. I suspect your clinics this month will inspire you with "homework" on which to focus during your rides. I'll bet your schooling will improve with each ride.

    The trick to showing is to think of it as a report card on your progress. It isn't a matter of where you place in relation to everyone else. It's a measure of how you and Boo are coming together as a team. Just focus on you and your horse, and ignore the person sitting behind the spooky table! ;-)

  3. Thanks ladies. I am really excited about this. Gonna go write out my goals and schedule for this week.