Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Who can resist this adorable face?

I am so grateful that when I woke up this morning it was not pouring down rain!!! It may happen later on today, but for right now there are clouds with sunbreaks. I am dreading the winter when I have to stand outside 4 to 5 times a day while Miley decides whether or not she can find just the right place to go potty!

I have done a much better job this week at getting out to the barn. I went Saturday and Monday, and I am going to try to go out this afternoon and longe. My ride yesterday went well for the most part. We worked on transitions from walk to trot to canter and I threw in some simple lead changes. I can't really blame Boo for a lot when I am so out of shape. My core is weak!!! I'm working on that too.

Yesterday I bought a pedometer. I was curious about what it actually took to accomplish 10,000 steps a day. I didn't put it on until about 1:00, but I managed to take 4,640 steps. I am wondering though if the pedometer counts when I am riding? The steps I mean. If it does then I took a lot fewer steps than it says I did. Next time I ride I am going to check and see. I may have to take it off when I am on horseback.

I took the lightweight rain turnout to the barn in case I needed it, but I think it is still getting to warm during the day. Boo is fuzzing up pretty good. Putting it on at night might help, but I am planning to clip him around the 1st of November...maybe sooner if he needs it before then. I've had him clipped the past 2 years. It works nicely. I only take the hair off in the areas that sweat heavily. This year I am going to try doing it myself. That should be interesting.

My cousin sent an article out about a group of women trailriding yesterday up on the Pacific Crest Trail. One of the horses stepped in a bee's nest and her horse spooked, reared, and they both went down. Apparently when the horse was trying to get up it stepped on the woman's abdomen. She was life-flighted to Portland and is in stable condition. Be careful out on the trails this time of year. They are saying the bees are really thick.


  1. Miley is sooo cute! The other day we came upon a man waiting outside the pharmacy with 3 Corgi's on leashes. We just had to say hello to the dogs. I've always wondered if posting trot counts as "steps." I heard about the bee incident on the news. Scary stuff.

  2. My trainer told me about the "bee" incident this morning...she knows I trail ride and that I am a PCT fan!!! Have not ridden it in the NW only in the desert!