Sunday, September 27, 2009

Ride more! Ride more! Ride more!

Have you ever had so much to do that you become overwhelmed and end up doing nothing at all? I never use to be this way, but lately it seems to be with me all the time. I know this much stress cannot be good for me, plus I feel guilty because there are so many people out there with a hell of a lot more to be stressed about then I have. I figure the best way to get through this is one day at a time...sometimes one hour at a time...or one moment at a time. I have to remember to do the things that take care of me FIRST even though it may seem frivolous and not a good use of my time. I just know that if I don't, if I keep on the way I have been, the outcome is not going to be good.

I have let my busy life pull me away from my horse. This has been the worse summer for riding in 10 years. I just never got out there. Maybe "THAT" in the long run will prove to be what is wrong with me. No vitamin "H" makes for a cranky, overwhelmed, and yes, bitchy Char.

At any rate, I did go ride yesterday even though to do so I had to go early and I had to do a lot of planning on how it was gonna work out! Mick had signed up for a cow sorting and I definitely wanted to go to that and watch him. The clinic started at 1:00. We took my car down and parked it so I could ride out to the barn with Mick. I rode Boo, and rode back to my car with Mick. Once he dropped me off I went home, showered, packed an ice chest with food and drink and took the dogs out (the real reason I had to come back home at all). Once I found the barn where the sorting was to be I tried to be useful and take a few pictures. It was interesting and looked like it could be fun. Mick really liked it, so it is looking like our western/dressage horse/trail horse may also turn out to be a bit of a working cow horse.

Now I know that it might not be good to mix the dressage with the cow stuff...but Bay isn't an FEI horse, so I think he should have a bit of a challenge for his mind outside the norm. He is a very bright horse and seemed to handle things just fine. We will see how he is for Sarah this coming week. I think since she rides him almost daily, he will go right back into what is trained into him the better part of the week. I know Mick has plans to go to another cow sorting in October and to a clinic in November. Now it's time for me to figure out what clinics and lessons I'm going to get involved with. I need to get Mick to go out for a trail ride with me and to teach me how to pull the horse trailer. That should be interesting.


  1. I don't feel so bad now! LOL I did not know how to pull my horse trailer either until about a month ago! It actually wasn't to bad, and I think I will do pretty darn good until I have to back up! But I practiced on that too, and even got it between the lines! LOL

    I know what you mean about being so busy, no time for ones self! Seems this summer has been super busy for me too. It started out slow, and I wondered at the time, that It was going to be a boring summer! NOT!

    Good luck and hope you get in a few more rides before winter sets in!

  2. Sounds like fun! Where was the cow sorting? My husband and I are always looking for a way to get our horses on cows more.

  3. I suspect the variety of activities will do Bay good. He won't get sour with any of them. Keep me posted on your clinic schedule -- it's always more fun to audit when you know the participants. My riding schedule has been disrupted for the past month due to family health issues. You're right, Vitamin H goes a long way toward reducing stress.

  4. A change of activities makes them think rather than just operate on autopilot. Sounds like you had a good time

  5. My summer was not filled with as many rides either due to my dear friends injury! I have had several rides with my sisters though and that has been fun!!!