Sunday, August 14, 2011

It's a busy summer

I made it out to the barn on my first day back from vacation. It was a wonderful vacation full of family and fun, but I really missed Boo, Bay, and Miley. I gave Boo a good grooming. Is it weird that he is still shedding? Does anyone else have a horse that is doing that here in the Pacific Northwest.

We didn't work hard, but we did work on staying on the bit. He was a good boy, and we did all three gaits and called it a night. I'll go back out on Tuesday.

Three of the horses that have been boarding at the barn have already moved out. Two more will be moving on the same day that we will be moving our horses. While I was cleaning Boo up after the ride a family walked in looking for the barn owner. They were moving in. It was surreal for me. I'm normally pretty friendly to everyone, but tonight I just felt deflated. It's hard to watch people coming in all happy about their new boarding barn when we would rather not be leaving.

I pick Miley up tomorrow after her bath. Leaving her behind was really hard to do. My only consolation is I know she would have hated being in the car so much. I admit I am a little bit OCD about Miley since losing Poko. I called the kennel midway through our vacation just to check on her.

Tomorrow it's back to my painting project in the kitchen. Sure wish it was done already.


  1. Welcome home! Nothing fun about moving barns, but hopefully it will be a positive experience overall.

  2. Yes welcome home, all that hard work moving barns, cant be easy!

  3. Hope the barn move goes well ....sounds like a positive ride after a great vacation and hope the painting project is nearly finished. I'm sure the finished results will be well worth the efforts