Monday, May 2, 2011

A sunny Sunday

This was yesterday. Gorgeous! Boo got his first bath of the year. I got a sunburn. All was well with my little world. Today it's gray with drizzle possible and the highs in the upper 50's. Tomorrow is Boo's 22nd birthday. Hopefully, sunny skies will return for the big day.

I saddled up and rode Boo in the outdoor arena before his bath. He was a bugger. You would never know he was 22 and worldly. He did not want to be on the bit. He wanted to be looking all over and playing spook at this/spook at that. I finally had to get tough with him. My trainer would probably laugh at my version of tough, but for me it was out of the ordinary assertiveness and eventually it started to work. So, why do I always feel like I'm manhandling him when I'm just asking him to give to the bit???????

He was a brat in the bath too. Acted like he'd never been bathed before when I happen to know that this horse was bathed and shown on a regular basis for most of his life. Once I turned him out on the green grass his whole attitude was don't bother me. I'm eating.

As frustrating as yesterday was it was more than made up for by the beautiful weather and the fact that although this happens from time to time it is not the norm, and I am slowly but surely getting a handle on how to handle it. I give the credit for that to trainer Tracey.


  1. Happy birthday, Boo! You look amazing!!

  2. It was gorgeous here yesterday too so I did some bathing also. I bathed colts so it was a bit wild but not bad, considering. LOL They sure look nice today.

    Scandalous was always naughty the first bath of the year. Soap suds are itty bitty trolls to her and I swear she never did really get used to them. She got better with each bath of the year but we'd start all over again the following year. Maybe Boo is secretly related to her. LOL

  3. Good job!
    Boo is so, so handsome! He looks so good. I think Arabians age so well. The 31 yr old on our property looks and acts 15!

    I'm glad T is helping your mind with the difference in rides. Bet ya, next one will be really good.
    Mine got her first bath too...right after our first ride on our new saddle...the heat helped all. Mellow day for us!

    Be well...I'm calling this weather "SPRUMMER"...a little spring, with summer temps.