Friday, April 8, 2011

A Simple Life Is A Lot Of Work

Last Sunday the DH and I drove out to St. Helens to visit friends. They moved out there from Lake Oswego a little over a year ago. They had dreams of a little "farmette" and land closer in to Portland was just to expensive. I posted a picture on my blog of the chicken coop (the coop d'ville) they had built a while back, and I wanted to see what they had done since then. Here is what I found...

The coop d' ville

snack time on a rope

Baby bunny

The Buck is behind bars because there have been too many baby bunnies

The garden in progress

Overlooking the garden

I like the way they used the glass bottles to line the path

Overlooking the drive

The view to the left


  1. Thanks for sharing these pictures! I love looking at how people lay out their farm(ette)s. I especially love the lay out of the garden on this one. Beautiful planter boxes ready to go!

  2. Too damn good by half! I am now sulking in the corner!!!!

  3. That picture of the cabbage on the rope sure got my attention. Looks like the chickens are pretty impressed with it too. LOL