Monday, November 1, 2010

Disaster Strikes

I am not a domestic goddess. Just ask my DH. Today I made the supreme sacrifice and went through one of my cookbooks for a recipe for homemade butternut squash soup. I wrote down the ingredients I would need from the store. I went out into the rain and drove to The Market of Choice. I chose that market in particular although there are two others closer to my house and easier to get to. Why? At The Market of Choice I can buy butternut squash already peeled and cubed in 2 lb tubs. I told you...I am not a domestic goddess.

Of course I went to the market at the worst possible time. I drove right past the high school as it was letting out, and I got stuck in traffic. It took 20 minutes to do a 10 minute drive. Once I arrived, I found what I needed fairly easily and made my purchases and returned home.

I chopped onion and Canadian bacon. I steamed the squash. I cooked the onion and Canadian bacon to a golden brown in olive oil. I combined the steamed squash and chicken stock with the Canadian bacon, onion, and olive oil and covered and simmered for 15 minutes. It smelled heavenly. I poured the mixture into my blender to puree. The only step left was to return the soup to the pan, reheat, and sprinkle with fresh sage. Yum.

That is when disaster struck. I picked up the blender and the bottom fell out. Literally. The bottom fell out of the blender. My beautiful soup went everywhere and my hand was badly burned. No trip to the hospital was needed, but the sucker hurt bad enough that I had to use cold water for the entire clean up as I couldn't stand to have hot water on the hand. I had soup on the counter top, soup on the floor, soup dripping down the front of the cabinet. I'm not sure if my blender is ruined or not because soup oozed into the casing around the motor. I even had soup all over my sweatshirt, jeans, and shoes.

Shortly thereafter the DH called. He was on his way home and wanted to know if he should stop and pick up something for dinner...we had Safeway's Chicken Taco Soup.


  1. Ha!....Sorry about the hand though!.....Isnt it always the way? Best laid plans an` all! Liked the post.

  2. Would you believe I'm going to try it again tonight? I'm not letting that danged blender deprive me of my taste for butternut squash soup!!!

  3. Crap!! Glad that your hand is OK, but bummer about the soup. I have to ask....being a Canadian, I am curious what "Canadian" bacon is. Would it be back bacon instead of bacon strips?

  4. My heroine? Peg Bracken, author of the "I Hate to Cook Cookbook."

    You know the funny family stories that get passed down from one generation to the next?

    Well, one of ours involves my dad's father who spilled something in the kitchen. He kept cleaning and kept cleaning and finally when stomping down to the basement. When asked why he said he was looking for the leak that was flooding the kitchen above.

    So here's hoping you're kitchen doesn't flood again with butternut squash soup!

  5. Domestic duties are way more dangerous than working with horses. I've had laundry encounters that have made me worry for my safety. Or was that my sanity.


    Safeway soup sounds just fine. :) Glad you're ok!

  6. Sorry to read about your hand, hope it is okay. Yay for you for trying, bet it did smell heavenly. How did your second meeting with the blender go?

  7. Man, that is the pits and I am very glad that your hand was not too badly burned.
    YOU DID GOOD, domestic and fresh it would have been... to have it all a blender!

    Oh... read you are trying it again..Good on ya!
    Yummy it sounds!

  8. This is exactly why...I NEVER COOK!!!

  9. Man, my mouth was all watering for that soup. I can only imagine how you must have felt.

    How is the Safeway Taco Soup anyway? I've been wondering if I should give it a try but am a big chicken about new foods, especially taco soup, because the restuarant in town makes amazing taco soup and I am very spoiled.

  10. The Safeway taco soup is's not like homemade. We have a really good taco soup in a restraunt here too. I'd much rather have that.