Monday, September 20, 2010

Pendleton Round-up's 100th birthday

Went to the 100th Pendleton Round-up last week!!! It was a blast and well worth the effort. Saw fellow blogger Karen from Life At The Rough String while in the Let'er Buck Room and got to meet her "man." If you read this Karen, I hope we get to see you both at the Columbia circuit finals in November!

The Round-up is my favorite rodeo. It has a mystique all its own. The shopping is pretty good too ;) I'll share some of the goodies I found with you in later blogs.

Now it's time to get back to real life. I haven't seen the boys (Boo and Baythoven) in over a week. I'm planning on spending most of the day at the barn tomorrow so I can ride, plus the farrier is coming. I picked up the girls (Poko and Miley) from the kennel earlier this afternoon, and they were very excited to be coming home.

Can't believe that summer has come to an end...


  1. How nice that you met up with a fellow blogger!! The local fairs start the end of August and continue through October. That's my signal that summer is over. This year, I actually watched some of the younger riders at my barn compete in "games". It was great! Enjoy your time at the barn tomorrow.

  2. The Round Up is on my Bucket List. Maybe one of these years I'll make it.

  3. Hey Char!! Totally awesome Round-Up this year huh!?!?! It was great meeting you again...and your husband is a great guy.

    Yes...we'll be at the Circuit Finals too (just the Saturday rodeo). We'll be staying with friends at Crooked River Ranch. I'll have my cell and we can connect!

  4. One of theses days I WILL get there! I have been making it to NFR in Las Vegas...this will be my 5th year!!!