Monday, July 6, 2009

Thought about riding western (for about a New York minute)

I have a friend and neighbor who started taking riding lessons a while back. She rides western. I have only ridden in english type saddles. My dressage saddle is my favorite. My friend told me this week that she took an english lesson at her barn and liked it. She thought she might take more english lessons. I casually told her that I had contemplated taking some western lessons too. I said this within ear shot of the dear husband who promptly told me he knew someone with an Arabian western trail saddle for sale. We drove out on on Friday and picked the saddle up for a trial run. Tonight I finally was able to ride in it. I gotta tell you that it was not anywhere near as pleasant as I had expected it to be. I am use to feeling a living breathing horse underneath me, and all I could feel in that saddle was leather. It seemed to fit Boo well. The stirrups were to long for me, and I had them as short as they would go without punching another hole, which I didn't want to do considering I had not yet bought the saddle. The clincher was the seat was uncomfortable. I had only ridden in it for about 20 minutes and my bum hurt. This was not going to make a good trail saddle for me. So we are taking it back with a thanks but we'll pass. Looks like hubby won't be getting out of that Tucker saddle he promised me.

Our accident prone Baythoven has injured himself again. He had a puncture wound on his butt. It was swollen and oozing and slightly hot. Hubby trailered him over to the vet's where they proceeded to pull a splinter out of him that had to be 3 inches long. I swear if there is a way to hurt himself or some disease to catch, Bay will find a way to do it.


  1. Western saddles ( I think) are safer for trail riding, would not be able to stay in the saddle in the desert on english saddle. But for arena/gentle pasture walks I think an english would be lovely, as you said to feel the horse beneath you!

  2. The last time I sat in a western saddle I was totally uncomfortable. I had the same feeling you expressed -- too much saddle between me and the horse. I did a poker ride eons ago using my close contact saddle, and it wasn't much more than a postage stamp. I've used my dressage saddle the few times I've taken out Phantom.

    I can't believe Bay managed to impale himself on a splinter! How do our horses manage these things? Do they plot it out all day? Or are the geldings daring each other to do the dumbest thing they can come up with? ARGH! Hope he has a speedy recovery. We need more of those championship ribbons decorating the barn. ;-)

  3. I feel the same way about an english saddle. I have one, have had no formal english lessons, but do like the way they make me feel with the horse. I've taken short rides on the trail with it, but I need all me d-rings and the pommel for all my gear! :) Tuckers have wonderful seats. And some of the Tex Tans now have seats of memory foam!